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TIKTOK is now named the most downloaded app

TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2020 taking the spot of Facebook Messenger, according to App Annie.

This Chinese video-sharing platform is the only app that is not owned by Facebook and has made the top five.

in china, it’s home country, ByteDance holds the top spot with the Chinese language video app Douyin.

The app’s popularity rose when former US President Donald Trump tried banning it in America. Facebook and its apps have held the top spot since 2018 and are still dominating the chart.

the trump administration last year tried to ban the app on the claims of a national security risk as the Chinese government had access to its user data, but the company denied all the allegations.

a “maybe” deal to resolve the issue was formed that meant that the parent company of Byte Dance would sell a part of its US business to US oracle and Walmart and was approved by Trump but not by China’s government.

Now in January with Joe Biden coming into power, the order was revoked.

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