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The decline of the most loved author – JK Rowling

Rare 1st edition Harry Potter book given JK Rowling's friend for £40,000 |  Books | Entertainment | Express.co.uk

The Harry Potter franchise and books are without any doubt one of the worlds most loved things. It has fueled creativity and wanderlust in so many children ever since the books first release in 2002.

But ever since the end of her book publishing career, she started to take a turn while still ridding on her stories for fame.

It all started when she declared that Dumbledore, of the Harry Potter books, was gay in an interview in 2007, and the criticism is that it was never mentioned in any of the books or movies and hence she is doing this to get into the good side of the younger impressionable LGBTQ+ community by putting in a character like this, while simultaneously catering to the older more homophobic community by not putting or mentioning anything about his sexuality in the books.

She then decided to dig herself an even bigger hole in her new movie “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” by never really mentioning but putting in this scene where Dumbledore, in reference to Grindelwald, says – “Oh, we were more than brothers”.

Now, this may be categorized as ‘character development’ but to our agony, Dumbledores sexuality or liking towards Grindelwald was never shown but instead only mentioned in an interview by JK herself.

This to many people was seen as boot licking to the LGBTQ+ community.

But she didn’t just stop at her own making, in 2015, A man named Jack Thorne, wrote a Harry Potter fictional play called “Harry Potter and the Cursed child” which got the attention and approval from JK Rowling.

The play was now funded and a whole cast was formed, unfortunately this was not well received by the fandom and even though it won a bunch of Tony awards, it never was famous. But this is again, where she didn’t stop.

 She went on to tweet that this fanfiction was now Canon, which made so many people realise that she didn’t really care about the Harry Potter fandom anymore, and more so about money.

Overall, JK Rowling has been declining as an author and losing her fandom in a series of misfortunate event.

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