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Rick and Morty: Creativity unleashed – a show unlike any other

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Rick and Morty as an Adult Swim Cartoon has established and gained a lot of popularity and love over the last few years every since its release in 2013 made by the shows two co-creators: Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

It has managed to entertain a wide range of audience with complex topics such as Intergalactic politics, human transfiguration and alternative dimensions and the workings and inner cogs of it all.

Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland talk bringing absurd to 'Rick and Morty' - Los  Angeles Times
Roiland and Harmon

What exactly makes Rick and Morty so successful is the shows creative balance.

On the surface Rick and Morty throw a lot of creative ideas and constant motion at us, no one second is filled with peace or quiet.

The writers have fully comprehended and used science fiction to its fullest. For example, in one episode, Rick destroys the family Satellite TV and vamps it up so that they are able to see all the shows from around the universe.

In one interview Roiland says his mind is always busting with ideas and creativity and hence improvisation has been worked into a number of episodes.

“I usually have moments in each episode that weren’t in the scrips. One big example is the cold open in the pilot. That whole sequence in Rick’s ship was improv based on the scene suggestion from Dan. Other stuff when Rick acts strange of f**k around, that’s usually improv.”

This exact improvisation has created genuine scenes and characters with real pauses and reactions that has made this cartoon so realistic.

Rick and Morty' season 5 gets a first look in new teaser clip

Dan Harmon on the other hand is very strict when it comes to things like classic structure and plot points, and has come up with his own theory called “Story Circle”.

“The real structure of any good story is simply circular, a descent into the unknown and eventual return and that any specific descriptions of that process, are specific to you and your story.”

This Story circle has eight points:

  1. A character isn’t satisfied
  2. They want/need something
  3. They go or are engaged in an unfamiliar situation
  4. Adapt to it
  5. Search for what the need
  6. Pay its price
  7. Then go back to where they started
  8. And now they have what they need.
Applying the story circle to academic writing | Tom Houslay

This show is also smooth and popular with their story lines because while one show might have an “A story” line, for example the protagonist needs to fight someone and then wins. Rick and Morty have both an A and well as B story line. The purpose of the B story line is to help aid the A story line into achieving what needs to be accomplished during the whole episode while simultaneously filling the audience with good content.

This is what has made the show so great, Dan and Roiland together have balanced themselves and created this tight rope of chaos but peaceful way to write the show. This has lead to the making of one of the most intellectual and emotional TV shows in recent History.

Rick and Morty | Netflix

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