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Phasmophobia exposition update brings two new ghosts: Everything you need to know

The Exposition update for Phasmophobia was just released, and it includes two new ghosts, new equipment, system reworks, and bug fixes. Phasmophobia was released in early access a little over a year ago, and it offers a unique multiplayer ghost hunting experience to PC and VR users. The fact that the Phasmophobia development team was only one person until a few months ago adds to the game’s charm.

The goal of Phasmophobia is straightforward. Players are tasked with researching haunted buildings with the use of a variety of ghost-detecting gadgets. If the investigation is successful, the equipment and players’ intuition help determine what kind of ghost is haunting the place, resulting in payment. The money earned from the employment might be put towards new and improved equipment for more demanding hunts. The game’s ghosts, on the other hand, aren’t fond of being examined by players. As a result, they stage eerie incidents in an attempt to track out their intruders.

Because Phasmophobia is an early access title, its developer has given periodic content upgrades for it prior to its official release, and the newest patch is no exception.

On August 26, Kinetic Games announced the release of update v0.3.0, Exposition. The Goryo and Myling ghosts, as well as a new type of equipment dubbed the “DOTS Projector,” were introduced to the game’s roster of paranormal beings. As a result, the evidentiary criteria for all ghost categories have been updated to reflect Exposition’s new additions. The update didn’t just alter one piece of equipment; practically all of Phasmophobia’s pre-existing equipment gained new looks and effects as well.

Along with these additions, the game’s features have been updated as well. During the game’s hunt, electronic equipment now alerts ghosts, thus players must turn off their gear when hiding. In addition, the lighting and aesthetics in Phasmophobia have been improved, sprinting has been completely reworked, and much more. The initial tutorial has also been modified to include the new evidence kinds and enhanced visuals for players who are new to the game. When facing Phasmophobia’s terrifyingly sophisticated ghosts, gamers will now have a whole new arsenal at their disposal.

The number of concurrent gamers has more than tripled since the day before the update’s release, according to Steam. The formal release date has yet to be determined, however, it is expected to be in 2021. Despite this, with so many refinement adjustments, it appears that now is a good moment to dig into the horrors of Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia on Steam

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