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New News! Huck’s backstory in World Beyond is revealed

Here’s everything we know so far about Huck/Jennifer Mallick’s past in The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

When World Beyond’s “Endlings” set out on their long, perilous journey from Campus Colony to New York, Annet Mahendru’s Huck was one of the few survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

Huck is a trusted ally and a handy person to have around… until she isn’t.

A friend of Hope and Iris Bennett and a close confidant of Felix, Huck is a trusted ally and a useful person to have around… until she isn’t.

Huck had been lying all along, surreptitiously reporting back to the Civic Republic Military as a spy, according to The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1 conclusion.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Delivers A Twist That Few Saw Coming

Huck has reclaimed her true name, Jennifer Mallick, and is resuming life among her fellow CRM soldiers by the time Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 begins.

Because so much of Huck’s season 1 persona and biography was made up, World Beyond season 2 provides viewers their first sight of Jennifer’s character without the mask, revealing an entirely new backstory.

What do we know about Huck’s story based on information from both seasons of The Walking Dead: World Beyond?

The Walking Dead: World Beyond New Year's resolutions - Huck

Jennifer Mallick was born to an English mother, Elizabeth Kublek, who worked as a Ministry of Defence attaché in the United States.

Jennifer’s father’s identity (and hence the “Mallick” name) is unclear, but Elizabeth suggests he was separated from the family long before the dead began to reanimate.

Despite her English heritage, Huck’s dialect indicates that she was reared in America (Elizabeth recommends Albany, New York), and she enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in her late teens/the early 20s, rising to the rank of Lance Corporal.

Huck mentions a mission at “the Devil’s Pass” in the first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, proving she served in Afghanistan.

Walking Dead World Beyond star reveals how spin-off is different

Lance Corporal Mallick was back on American territory at the time of the outbreak, assisting early efforts to control the zombie apocalypse.

Mallick’s troop was given orders to stop the virus by killing innocent bystanders, but she turned on her companions and stopped the massacre.

How The Walking Dead: World Beyond Expands the Zombie Universe with Its  Unique Teen Characters - Den of Geek

Jennifer Mallick reunited with her mother, who may or may not have been a member of the CRM at the time of her violent resignation from the Marines.

In the first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Elizabeth indicated that her husband’s watch had somehow brought her and Jennifer back together.

Lance Corporal Mallick was inducted into her mother’s CRM as a soldier, rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant, regardless of how they met.

Dennis, Jennifer’s husband, was involved in an incident two years before the start of Walking Dead: World Beyond’s timeline (in season 2, episode 3, he has a ring on the appropriate finger).

The Walking Dead: World Beyond': Just Around the Riverbend (RECAP)

Jennifer attempted to remedy Dennis’ acts, which reportedly resulted in others being wounded, although the nature of his crime has yet to be revealed.

As a result of the infraction, Huck was sent on a covert mission to Omaha as a punishment. The truth of Huck’s past begins to mix with her lies at this point.

“Huck” was discovered floating down the Missouri River on a raft by Omaha security troops, with a damaged arm and rumored memory loss.

She was forthright about her military past but said she had been living in the wild for “years” and that her mother had died prior to the outbreak.

Huck damaged her arm, disfigured her face (as did her Marine comrade, Drake), and spent days floating on the raft to gain Omaha’s trust before landing in the city and blending into the community as a spy.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond delivers twist nobody saw coming

In season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Elizabeth mentions “success” in Omaha.

But Huck’s primary objective was to infiltrate Campus Colony and deliver the prodigiously intellectual Hope Bennett to the CRM.

During a chat between Elizabeth and Indira in World Beyond season 2, the latter discloses that Huck’s undercover stints in Omaha and Campus Colony lasted about two years.

WD: World Beyond's Annet Mahendru on Huck, CRM, & Where the Season Could Be  Going – En.BuradaBiliyorum.Com

In Walking Dead: World Beyond, there are still a lot of unanswered mysteries surrounding Huck.

The most serious issue is what she and Dennis did to so enrage the CRM that only a perilous 2-year operation into a foreign country could bring them back.

Other unanswered questions include where Huck’s father went, how she reconciled with her mother after the epidemic, and what espionage work Huck did in Omaha, which is strangely censored from the CRM’s report.

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