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New MCU Character As Strong as Odin? MCU phase 4

In their latest Phase 4 installment, Eternals, the MCU is well positioned to present a character as powerful as Odin.

Despite its early stages, the MCU’s Phase 4 appears dead focused on empowering the franchise’s surviving characters, with planned creatures like Gorr the God Butcher in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder serving as a perfect example of adding new challenges to rival Marvel’s most powerful superheroes.

The next Eternals follows suit, with the Phase 4 film introducing the Eternals and the Deviants, two sets of near-immortal heroes destined to struggle for Earth dominion.

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The Eternals

Are aliens constructed to seem like the humans they are intended to protect, thanks to the almighty Celestials’ genetic engineering?

The Eternals were originally dispatched to Earth to confront the terrible Deviants some 7,000 years ago, but have since lay dormant until now when a new phase 4 apocalypse known only as “the Emergence” ignites.

The Eternals, who hail from Olympia, their spatial nexus, have close physiological ties to the Olympian gods of Greek mythology, supporting the assumption that they are as powerful as their god-like counterparts in Marvel comics canon.

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As a result, Phase 4 of the MCU can debut Zuras, the Eternals’ initial leader and a character as powerful as the deity Odin from the Thor films.

Zuras’ inclusion as the most powerful Eternal appears a foregone conclusion, with an appearance in the film via the Eternals’ genesis narrative becoming increasingly plausible.

With multiple clear parallels already existing between these two great mythical kings, adding Zuras to the MCU’s Phase 4 would also give the Eternals a civilization leader on par with a character like Odin.

MCU Phase 4 Theory: Who The Eternals' Leader Really Is


Is the lynchpin upon which the entire Eternals background and origins are based, hence his presence in the MCU’s Eternals makes perfect sense canonically.

Following his ascendancy to the throne, Zuras oversaw the construction of Olympia, the Eternals’ new capital, in a mountainous region of Greece supposed to reside alongside the legendary kingdom of Olympus.

Because of Zuras’ interactions with the Olympians and the ancient Greek populace, many people began to regard the Eternals as the gods themselves, rather than as representatives of the Olympian gods.

Zuras Comics | Zuras Comic Book List | Marvel

This narrative fits in perfectly with the first Eternals trailers, which appear to be focused on revealing how the Eternals arrived on Earth and prospered in the years leading up to “the Emergence.”

Zuras’ Olympia is on par with some of the MCU’s most powerful heroes and entities to date, with Odin, another god-like character, drawing particularly close parallels.

Odin’s might is comparable to that of Zuras, who is also attributed to the creation of paradise, as he created the nine realms, including the idyllic Asgard.

Just as Odin enters an ethereal dimension to save the Asgardians at the start of Thor: Ragnarok, so does Zuras, whose transfer of mind into the Eternals’ Uni-Mind allows them to overcome the Deviants at the cost of his life.

As a result, establishing Zuras as the Eternals’ Odin allows the MCU’s Eternals to construct a rich past for otherwise new and unknown MCU characters while simultaneously revealing a fascinating character who canonically rivals pre-established MCU gods.

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