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How Minecraft changed the gaming Industry.

Minecraft was the most important game of the last decade. It was the biggest indie hit and the best-selling game of all time with about 200,000,000 sales and even now so many years later is one of the most played games and streamed games on Twitch.

So, what is Minecraft? Minecraft is a sandbox survival and creative building game, with its own franchise, Lego, AR, book franchise, a choose your own adventure on Netflix with more than about 131 million monthly players.

‘’It was the original game without a game’’ says Lewis Bradley, the founder of Yogscast who made his career through Minecraft.

Markus ‘notch’ Persson, the creator of Minecraft started building Minecraft in his free time, and at first, didn’t even want it to blow up. In 2009 notch first, release a build of his game on the TIGSource forum just to see what people thought of it, and to his surprise, he received a lot of feedback and screenshots of people’s own builds on his game.

Notch then started to build up his game to this small but rapidly growing community. This community now had to figure out what they could do with these games and the numerous tools that were provided to them, because unlike other games with a set goal or storyline to complete, Minecraft was 100% your own, no two worlds are the same just like how no two players are the same. Minecraft doesn’t tell us if we should craft a sword or whether we should build a house for protection from all of the dangerous mobs that spawn at night (which you definitely should, speaking from experiencing a lot of deaths in the game)

Over the next year, Minecraft started to pump out content and new blocks and game mechanics the players could use. And with no publicity the players took it onto their own hands to make content out of the game, with a million Reddit posts and articles the one that stood out the most was video form- Minecraft players started making their own ‘lets plays and gained popularity on YouTube.

Platforms like YouTube and Twitch immediately gobbled all of the content people were making and gained immense popularity. Lots of people used this video format to create their own lore and storyline for the world, creators such as Yogscast in the past and creators such as Tommyinnit, Wilbur Soot, Technoblade, and more have created in-depth emotional storylines that have drawn near millions of people to watch their content and they have made careers out of this.

Grian's most helpful building techniques in Minecraft
Build by Grian – Hermit craft season 7
Starting to approach the limit of how much redstone even a powerful  computer can handle: Minecraft
Image Source: r/minecraft

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Creators have now taken Minecraft to another realm of existence; it is no longer just a block game but a game to unravel your best building as well as technical abilities. Creators such as Mumbo Jumbo, arguably the best red stoner in the world have made working machines in the world, Fundy has made a working television in the game, and Grian has made incredible structures to showcase the infinite abilities of Minecraft.

Minecraft has changed the lives of many people, created a lot of ways people can express themselves, and enjoy this game, and has changed the way people look at games now.

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