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Biggest Squid Game Theories For Season 2- Everything you need to know about

Fans can’t stop speculating and discussing predictions about how Squid Game season 2 will play out, thanks to the success of Netflix’s survival thriller Squid Game.

Given that Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk has stated that he is simply not ready to make season 2 yet, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Given the success of season 1, Netflix is likely to be more than ready to produce the follow-up to 2021’s most popular K-drama.

Squid Game subtitles 'change meaning' of Netflix show - BBC News

The Squid Game sets 456 desperate and heavily indebted people against each other in death games on an isolated island near Seoul, South Korea, with the final reward of $45.6 billion motivating the players.

Furthermore, it has been found that the people who manage Squid Game, as well as the VIPs who bet on the games, arrange and gamble on similar death games that are taking place around the world at the same time.

Every Game in Squid Game, Ranked

The concluding scene of season 1 is fairly open-ended, as the red-haired Seong Gi-hun in the Squid Game finale seems resolved to proceed against the next incarnation of the games.

Which he confirmed by phoning the new number on The Salesman’s card – Is it possible that Gi-hun or any of the other survivors will return for Season 2?

And if that’s not the case, how could Squid Game season 2 be different?

Season Two might be about the VERY first squid game

Il-nam might return as the young billionaire who established the games if Squid Game season 2 focuses on the first time the games were organized.

This will disclose the origins of the Squid Game, as well as the first VIPs who planned and wagered on the games, as well as how the island was transformed into a death games venue.

Because none of the games have been tried before, the first-ever Squid Game will be replete with old-fashioned components and will be even harsher than what was presented in season 1.

This indicates that whether or not Il-nam died in Squid Game is unimportant because Squid Game season 2 will unveil more of his secrets from the past.

In Season 2, Seong Gi-Hun would infiltrate Squid Game as a worker.

Squid Game': TikTok user says Netflix's subtitles change meaning of show

Colors are used in Squid Game to represent many aspects of the show.

This is why the hypothesis that The Salesman’s blue and red ddakji paper tiles equate to the players and workers in the Squid Game has a lot of support.

After selecting the blue tile, Gi-hun became a player and donned the blue-green tracksuit. Gi-flaming hun’s new red-dyed haircut is a sign that he’ll infiltrate Squid Game as a worker the next time he becomes engaged in the activities, given the use of colors for symbolism.

Furthermore, even if Gi-hun moves against the games, Il-death nam’s may ensure that the Squid Game’s organisers do not take away Gi-billions, hun’s indicating that he has the financial means to do so.

Kang Sae-Byeok’s Little Brother Will Join Squid Game In Season 2

Squid Game: the smash-hit South Korean horror is a perfect fit for our  dystopian mood | Television | The Guardian

Gi-hun wraps up Kang Sae-byeok and Cho Sang-backstories woo’s in the ninth and final episode of Squid Game by entrusting Kang Cheol, Sae-younger byeok’s brother, to Sang-mother.

Woo’s Sang-mother woo’s is also given a large sum of money by Gi-hun, who is unaware that his son is dead and will never return.

Meanwhile, Gi-hun keeps his promise to Sae-byeok, better known as Squid Game player 067, by assuring Kang Cheol has a wonderful home.

Kang Cheol will undoubtedly have questions for Gi-hun about his older sister as he grows older.

When Kang Cheol learns about Squid Game, he’ll be tempted to join since the money will help him get the rest of his family out of North Korea.

This will only happen if Squid Game season 2 takes place far enough in the future for Kang Cheol to have matured into an adult, or at the very least a teenager.

Season 2 of Squid Game will focus on death games set in a different country.

Squid Game' Ending Explained: Here's Why You Can't Stop Watching The Drama  Series

Squid Game reveals near the end of the series that VIPs from various countries bet on the games.

One of the VIPs observes the games live and notes that the games in Korea are the greatest of the year.

This suggests that comparable death games are taking place around the world at the same time.

If the VIPs and game organizers can afford to give away the Squid Game’s $45.6 billion prizes while simultaneously paying for security and luxurious amenities, they can probably afford to fund more death games.

And any of these other Squid Game-like events might allow season 2 to go deeper into other cultures’ games, as well as cast a new cast of unknown performers in a new country.

Season 2 Will Be Set In The Past

Squid Game Trends! Twitterati Observe Bollywood Has Already Made This Way  Before & It's Hilarious

Throughout his search for evidence, Jun-ho enters the Front Man’s secret sanctum, where he discovers comprehensive files on every player (except Il-nam) in Squid Game history.

This provides information on players from the 1990s. And, given the size of the archives area, there’s a chance there are files dating back even further.

Exploring the contents of these files and taking a step into the past in Squid Game season 2 could resolve unsolved riddles and unanswered concerns.

Season 2 may also contain popular themes from the 1990s or any other previous decade as a historical piece, which would provide a fascinating setting for death games.

Season 2 of Squid Game will reveal how In-Ho won and rose to the position of frontman.

Who Is the Masked Man in Squid Game? Who Is Front Man?

Jun-ho also discovers evidence that his missing brother In-ho not only participated in but also won the Squid Game in 2015.

Squid Game season 2 might depict not only how In-ho won the games, but also how he became the Front Man, whether through flashbacks or the main plot.

This will not only provide answers to some of Squid Game’s most vexing questions, but it will also provide an excuse for season 2’s showrunners to hire acclaimed actor Lee Byung-hun in a role where he may spend the majority of his screen time unmasked.

In Season 2, Jun-Ho will collaborate with Gi-Hun.

Squid game

After accumulating enough evidence to stop the games, police officer Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) seeks to flee the island in episode 8 of season 1 of Squid Game.

Jun-ho is cornered atop a cliff overlooking the ocean, where he is met by the Front Man, after failing to elude his pursuers.

The Front Man reveals himself to be In-ho, Jun-long-lost ho’s younger brother.

Jun-ho is then shot in the shoulder by In-ho, whose body falls into the sea but is never shown to be dead.

This explains why the Squid Game theory concerning Jun-survival ho’s makes sense.

Squid game

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