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Awesome innovations we might see in future

Innovation is simplified creativity modified logically.Ideas and knowledge are trashy unless they are given a relevant shape and form for productivity. Gathering the energy of the universe to produce something new is no less than a fascination.  

The word “innovation” is derived from the Latin verb innovare, which means to renew.Business perspective presents a clear defination of this word, “Innovation is a process by which a domain, a product, or a service is renewed and brought up to date by applying new processes, introducing new techniques, or establishing successful ideas to create new value.

Need and importance of innovation

The world and its technologies are changing 360 degree every moment.To cope with the pace of advancement, innovation plays a crucial role.Needs were there in the past and will always be there in the future too because humans are insatiable. To search for the solution of any problem(here human needs) is also human nature. When needs are analysed, ways to get its solution is configured…the more the creativity, the more ideas, the more knowledge required, the more research done and this whole process from analysing to implementing is called innovation.The process does not stop here after implementation but further testing and scope of modifications is always present.Innovation cannot be layed with a traditional approach, if the rules are obeyed creativity cannot be justified.

Futuristic Approach

People are coming up with superb ideas every second minute.The ideas belong to different categories like science & tech, human body, planets & universe, nature, etc.We have all heared about the artificial eyes, Human-powered wearables, Energy storing bricks, Sweat powered smartwatches, living robots, Tactile virtual reality, Heart monitoring T-shirt, all devices working with internet, super advanced artificial intelligence, Crowd-sourced antibiotics, Artificial neurons on silicon chips, Artificial neurons on silicon chips, Floating farms, Pleistocene Park, Near-perfect insulation, Pleistocene Park.
Whether it’s improving health, solving food shortages or just making virtual reality even better, these few ideas surely astonish us.
Some other fascinating innovations include:

1. Edible water blobs, 2. Helium balloons that travel to space, 3. Autonomous cars, 4. 3D printing, 5. Carpet alarm clocks, 6. Hyperloop, 7. Pod taxis, 8. GeeFi, a device that offers unlimited wi-fi anywhere in the world, 9. Invisibility cloaks, 10. Edible food wrappers, 11. Air-ink, a device that converts exhaust into usable ink,  12. Shampoo balls, 13. Wireless electricity
You can refer to these website to read thoroughly about some amazing inovations:


With a hope to give you a thought of thinking of an idea to be an innovator,hold your pen..sit in the balcony…feel the calmness of the air….consolidate your thoughts….jot down the idea…invent something new!!

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