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Are ghosts real? A scientific view

Are ghosts real? A scientific view

Do ghosts exist in our human life, many of us don’t believe in the existence of ghosts .they is much existence of spirits, negative energy, ghosts, etc as per the scientific view? How the existence of ghosts and spirits, can be identified?

Various paranormal activities are done to know that is there any negative energy or a presence of a ghost .people who do these activities can get to know about the existence of ghosts. Many of us can sometimes feel the presence of ghosts which sometimes could make you more believe that there is an existence of ghosts.

“Everyone accepts that if there is god in this world, then there are evil and ghosts in this world also.”

Despite much analysis and testing, there is no proof of the existence of ghosts. It is exactly unnoticed to prove exactly the existence of ghosts .but people who faced experience in their real-life can relate to understand the existence of a ghost.

Ghosts are never seen or captured by everyone. there is no scientific evidence. There is no information to prove it.

Myths, facts, believes, experiences are the only thing that made us believe in the existence of ghosts.

Ghost hunter research using a unique tool such as an electromagnetic field (EMF) meter to detect ghosts. They do all the arrangements like electric wiring, camera recording. The fluctuations in sounds are also detected.

Some scientific research says that our perceptions of ghosts may have something to do with electromagnetic fields.

Peru singer had people wear helmets that targeted their temporal lobes with weak magnetic fields, and found that 80% of people felt “an unexplained presence in the room.”

There are many spirits stories we read about many are real many are fictional. let’s talk about real stories some of the real stories are Annabelle’s story which is an English movie showed in a series way like part one was Annabelle, the next part was Annabelle’s creations, the third part was Annabelle comes home. These tales are based on true events many of us even watch this movie. It says that the evil in a doll possesses a child. The doll had a presence of evil in it. This story is considered to be true because it was detected by Ed and Lorraine Warren they could feel the existence of evil and ghosts.

Existence if visions are found in different objects, toys which have possession of evil in them.

in conclusion, many research states that there is the existence of evil and ghosts in this world. However, many people still don’t believe it. Many people have experienced it. but understanding not thinking depends on person to person .but it is advisable to understand a person who is experiencing it. Noticing or believe in real stories is important to research and know the facts as it is an experimental process done by experts. there is a therapy to every problem, so read research believes in real stories. attempt to know further as everyone has different of believing something.” Believe in the power of God and the power of evil as well”

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