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More Power to your Coffee!

A recipe to the better self !

by making yourself better !

Start doing what you love to do ! {this is what they tell out there } adding on, don’t just do it .be best at it ,learn towards it and believe in making the today better than yesterday .

suddenly felt the urge to interact with someone and discuss about this little but important topic . as it is needed for myself. So, why not sharing it with everyone . observing ! people have different approach to different things ,they think different ,they act different & above all ,we cannot measure everyone’s forte with the same unit . diversity is surely the beauty ,no doubt .

let it be in humans or nature or  a nation .we see it everywhere ,even in a flower shop .so, just accept it as it is .hence, when we’ve finally accepted ourselves the way we’re it makes it easier to finally identify –

  • what your field is !
  • what are the things that you’re actually good at
  • what makes you blissful and
  • what is that thing that makes you different from the person sitting next to you .

We’ve heard people saying that we should do what we like to do .but , do we apply this rule in our actual life

 how many of us are doing exactly what we wanted?

guess, a person loved to make creative drawings & play with colours , imagine, how colourful his world would be now, when he’s bound to a 9to5 just because he have to earn a decent amount .

indeed, that’s a need too & no one can deny this .but ,wouldn’t it be better if the same person earn his livelihood with the work that he actually enjoys. I mean, there are artists around us &

that too in a large variety .

doing a profession is better than doing a job that doesnt match your skills at all !that’s what I believe in.

But a person who is a good singer or a painter or a writer cannot be a pro just by birth. It cannot happen this way .in order to become a professional these skills need to be flourished & a little improved to live it to the fullest .

not everyone is willing to pay those who are still struggling and perfection is earned with efforts & time ,off course .

here’s the difference of million dollars between a teenager who has an amazing voice but no one would be paying him even some dollars for his singing while a famous singer with an average voice earns millions of views & dollars for every concert done . it seems strange! doing the same but different levels . what makes them different ? is it the talent or the professionalism that’s coming between them . bottom line -if you’re good at something , start heading towards better & if you’re better then you got to run towards being best because this world ,doesn’t wait & there will always be someone who is better than you but that’s for a far future because right now, at this moment. “You’re the one who is your competition’’ You need to defeat the older version of yourself and start processing for an upgrade that’s far better than the older one & someday you’ll have the bestest version of yourself with the best skill that will be your identity and that would be so unique .

so, when the next time youn look at yourself in the mirror .try to see the better reflection of yourself which is absolutely possible with just little improvements and that time starts now .you are worth every effort . don’t look upto people to cheer you up .be you own wellwisher & supporter .so, that you stand up even more dedicated with each failure & every fall teaches you how to stand tall ever after falling down . be the winner against yourself 🙂

best of luck & welcome to the better self !

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