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Before analysing and discussing about the impact of anything, we should we first of all well versed with what it is?Why does it exist?What is its importance in social, geological, political and economic domain?What are its pros and cons?
So here in the frame we have the tourism and hospitality industry which contributes directly and indirectly to every country’s economy.For naturally beautiful locations , these sectors act as a life support by bringing in more jobs and revenue.They provide huge employment not only to the localities but also to the people migrating from various other destinations in search of job.So in a nutshell it is a good source of local and national employment.
When talking about tourism and hospitality,how can we ever forget the fairy pools,Isle of Skype in Scotland,The grand Canyon National Park in USA, Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia, Huacachina in Peru, etc and the amount of money we spend to capture the beauty of these places and attain the peace of mind, adventure, and pleasure we all are deprived of in our daily life.

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS IMPOSED: Travel related decisions all over the world are mostly handled by the UNWTO which has bifurcated various restrictions in it’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th editions.
Moving sequentially, in the first and second edition complete ban on all travels was imposed, in the further editions complete and partial closure of borders continued for  international tourism, upnext as of 15th june 22% of all destinations have eased restrictions , in the 6th edition 87 destinations were ready to welcome the visitors, with all the safety protocols, the trend continued in the subsequent  edition, in the 8th edition 70% of tourist destinations were operational and in the 9th edition because of the cases from the new variant the planning on imposing restrictions is again given consideration.

We clearly know that the pandemic  paused our lives.In order to be safe; and also because of the restrictions we were left clueless, which has generated  a psychological impact in our minds.
In the similar fashion various other sectors sub divisionally related to travel, tourism, hospitality, etc were at spontaneous hit by the pandemic.
Aviation jobs potentially fall by 46million to 41.7million, be it jobs related to direct aviation, special repatriation of flights, etc all were badly affected.The cruise industry remained sidelined as compared to other industries while the other industries are getting back to business.Some cities and companies are cruise driven but all are not, but no denying of the fact that this industry  has large contribution to different communities and stakeholders around the world and covid-19 left this industry paralysed.Who is not fond of delicious cuisines from across the globe,but covid did not leave any sector untouched.As we know that some industries faced severe issues while others have seen a small,but manageable impact on their business.The casino industry has seen two opposite depending on which part of the industry you are looking at.Online casinos enhanced their business whereas  brick  and mortar casinos struggled a lot.
as we know that the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus started in December 2019  and it was described as infectious causing severe acute respiratory syndrome.It spreaded in 196 countries.Tourism is a reason for most of the human mobility in the modern world.It is an umbrella industry networked with many other sectors in the economy including hotel, community level operations, education, financial, agriculture, medical, travel and transportation, construction, real estate, retail, vice versa.Employment service in tourism includes transportation service such as airlines, cruise ships, and taxis; hospitality services; entertainment venues; etc.According to UNWTO more than 50million jobs in the travel and tourism sector were badly risk globally during the pandemic.

The government of India and all over the world has announced various fiscal and relief under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Package to benefit the tourism and hospitality sector,the ministry of tourism has also provided guidelines for safety  and hygiene of hotels, to facilitate smooth resumption of business,various activities/initiatives has been adopted to promote domestic tourism.Awareness is spread through webinars,campaigns and a lot of focus is laid to rebuild the trust of domestic & international  travels in terms of various countries to make them safe destination to travel in post Covid scenario.

The overview of the global, regional, and country level covid-19 cases and deaths can updated through the weekly Epidemilogical Update.The novel coronavirus has developed into a pandemic that is still going on.The social distortion by the pandemic has a negative impact on  many facettes of society that potentially increased social tension.Inequity is obvious, one dimensional thinking is counterproductive.The efficient and safe the treatment and preventive/cure measures are,the lesser devastating the outcomes will be..Patients who survived moderate to severe COVID-19 need support to return to normal life.Support is provided by rehabiliation, which is founded on three pillars-preventive measures,therapeutic approaches,and health promotion.There should be transparency and solidarity as these are the most powerful tools to combat irrationalism and conspiracy theories in our fight against COVID-19.The aim is herd immunity in the general population.In order to bring that immunity mass level vaccination campaigns are running with high speed and efficiency.

Some people have found the way to jump the line  for a COVID-19 vaccine.Thus came into existence the concept of vaccine tourism which means  visiting another country or state to get a vaccine not available to you at home.But vaccine tourism cannot be clearly claimed to be legal because there are no official arrangements in place with foreign athourities to ensure these “vaccine tourists”get the experience they’re promised,shot in the arm and all.

All in all the relief from this virus and its variants can only be achieved by attaining full herd vaccination,taking safety measures as much as possible and avoiding any careless steps that in any way promote the growth of this virus.  

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