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Types of marketing

The Ultimate List of Types of Marketing

  • Traditional Marketing
    Traditional marketing refers to brand promotion on any quiet channel that has been around since before the arrival of the web. Because information wasn’t as easily accessible and readily available, the bulk of traditional marketing relied on outbound tactics like print, television ads, and billboards.
  • Outbound Marketing
    Outbound marketing refers to intrusive promotions like print ads, TV ads, cold calling, and email blasts. This marketing method is named “outbound� since the brand is pushing its message bent all consumers to spread awareness — whether or not they need it or not.
  • Inbound Marketing
    Inbound marketing, on the opposite hand, is concentrated on attracting customers instead of interrupting them. The majority of inbound marketing tactics fall into digital marketing as consumers are empowered to try to do research online as they progress through their own buyer’s journey (more thereon later).
  • Digital Marketing
    Digital marketing is that the opposite of traditional marketing, leveraging technology that didn’t exist traditionally to succeed in audiences in new ways. This type of selling encompasses all marketing efforts that use a device or social media, email, and other websites to attach with current and prospective customers. We’ve broken a number of these down in additional detail below.
  • Search engine marketing
    Search engine marketing, or SEM, includes all activities within the effort of ensuring your business’s products or services are visible on program results pages (SERPs). When a user types during a certain keyword, SEM enables your business to seem like a top result for that search query. The two categories of SEO include search engine optimization (SEO) for organic search results and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for sponsored SERPs.
  • Content Marketing inbound and digital marketing because the content is what allows audiences as well as search engines, such as Google, to find the information they need The most popular elements of a content marketing program are social media networks, blogs, visual content, and premium content assets, like tools, ebooks, or webinars.
  • Social Media Marketing
    is creating content to promote your brand and products on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. Remember your audience as you create content. No one logs on to social media trying to find something to get, so think through what sorts of content that’s useful, informative, entertaining, and/or compelling.
  • Video marketing Your unique content should be tailored to the precise platform you share it with. The idea is to establish videos and upload them to your website, YouTube, and social media to boost brand awareness, generate conversions, and close deals.
  • Voice Marketing ,Voice marketing is leveraging smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to teach people and answer questions on their topics of interest. Optimizing your website for voice search is extremely almost like optimizing for organic search, but beyond that, you’ll also get inventive by creating a Google action or Alexa skill.
  • Email Marketing
    implicates sending educational or entertaining content and promotional messages to people that willingly subscribe to your receive messages from you. The fundamental objective is to deepen your relationship with the customer or prospect by sending marketing messages personalized to them. Raising the theory you’ll also use email marketing to nurture leads with content that moves them along the buyer’s journey

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  1. If I were to run a business, I would make sure to invest in a digital marketing service that will be able to improve my company’s brand. Well, I also agree with you that digital marketing includes leveraging technology. Thank you for sharing here as well that SEO is one of the best ways to generate foot traffic on the website.

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