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Original games and mobile games to be part of Netflix’s gaming plans: Everything you need to know

As Netflix’s gaming ambitions get closer to the public spotlight, fresh details about the company’s plans emerge. Netflix’s gaming platform could feature both original games and mobile titles, according to recent job posts.

During the game creation process, it appears that Netflix’s game studio will collaborate with second and third-party developers. In July, the streaming service announced the launch of a new video game branch, which will purportedly begin releasing content in 2022.

Netflix Gaming Kicks Off In Poland With Two “Stranger Things” Mobile Games

Netflix is said to be focusing on game development for mobile devices, however, it is unclear how big of a role this will play.

Subscribers will get access to a video gaming service at no additional cost. While it is still unclear how Netflix games will look, it has been stated that whatever form they take, Netflix customers will be able to play them for free.

It’s unclear whether these games will look like Bandersnatch or Netflix’s version of Minecraft: Story Mode, but it appears Netflix’s gaming ambitions are growing as more information becomes available. With 2022 just around the corner, Netflix users won’t have to wait long to try out the first video games.

Minecraft: Story Mode (TV Series 2018) - IMDb

According to a job posting on Netflix’s website, the company’s game section will focus on original titles and mobile games in particular and will comprise both first-party and second/third-party studios. Netflix stated in their job posting for Technical Director that it was searching for someone with AAA or mobile gaming development experience.

The job description specified that you had at least some experience developing mobile games. Netflix advertised for a “lead-level product designer to push the frontiers of mobile gaming on Netflix” in their Product Designer listing.

It appears that experience making mobile games, as well as a liking for such types of video games, is required for various employment openings at Netflix’s gaming studio.


The opportunity for applicants to collaborate with other game studio heads was also mentioned in the job postings, implying that Netflix will collaborate with second and third-party studios to make and publish games on its platform.

Netflix’s gaming company will be only focused on mobile games, but it’s feasible that it will include various studios and teams. It’s unclear what each of them will concentrate on.

However, it appears like Netflix will spend both buildings its own games and bringing projects from outside developers to life for the time being. It was also previously revealed that PlayStation and Netflix would collaborate on this game project, which corresponds to job advertisements indicating that employees will collaborate with studios and development teams outside of Netflix.

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