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Issues with the Online Learning and it’s solutions.

It’s been more than a year of this pandemic and we’ve seen how our lives have changed drastically. These changes have affected even our education system.

Students are bound to study in online mode which is affecting their behaviour & physical health. Switching to the online mode of education from the offline mode i.e. regular classes at school got easier that’s what we all feel, because of its efficiency.

Here the question comes: are students actually learning sincerely? Do they have proper internet connectivity and smartphones? Are the teachers able to teach?

In India, most of the people don’t even have proper devices and stable connections in their region or some of them can’t afford it due to their financial situations. 

Such students are either studying themselves or their parents or elder siblings are teaching them.

As we observed, the students who are attending classes in online mode are least interested in studying. Due to an unbalanced routine and pressure, students are getting inactive.

It is getting difficult to focus on screens for many students, they have to struggle with focusing for long hours. They also get distracted easily by social media and other sites.

For online learning, it is important that teachers should understand the basics of digital learning and should have the necessary resources which are required for online teaching. To make online learning interesting teachers should make an effort to make things interesting which could help students to focus and understand things easily.

Currently, we have observed that many teachers are conducting classes at their convenience. 

The students who are in school require a lot of attention because basic education is important for them in future. 

If the teachers would have such irresponsible behaviour then what would they teach? 

To combat these issues the Educational institutions and administrations should provide training to the teachers according to the changing time and technology. Also, strict actions should be taken against any kind of irresponsible behaviour. 

They should make a balanced schedule for the students, it is not easy to sit in front of a screen for long hours as it affects the vision of the eyes and posture of the body. 

According to several studies by scientists and doctors, three to four hours in a day is enough for students to attend classes in online mode as it could help in reducing stress and they can indulge themselves in other activities as well. 

The education system lags behind if the students do not have an interest in studies. Education in India is more theoretical than practical learning.  It is important to make learning more interesting as it would encourage more and more people to get an education. People should focus on practical learning more as it would be more useful.

Also, parents should encourage and appreciate the talents of their children rather than pushing them for those things in which they are interested. Forcing them to score higher isn’t fair as one can’t work beyond their capacity. 

Teachers also need to understand that all the students cannot be the same, and should use different – different teaching methods. 

It is high time to take education above the mediocre level.

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