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Why skincare is better than makeup???

Since make-up and its need is emerging as a new rapidly spreading trend among the females as well as in males .it has become important to understand the real theory and facts behind it .as it’s constant and high application on human skin might not be as pleasing as it seems & it’s seen that our skin doesn’t get happy with all those harsh chemicals that result in rashes and other chemical infections .to give it exactly what it needs .let’s start paying more attention to its inner health.  before directly jumping on the pros and cons of makeup and skincare let’s get this thing straight. drink as much water as possible! so it helps you in staying hydrated and detoxify your body.  we’re going to discuss something better than makeup!

SKINCARE is just another most effective way to get flawless skin after a healthy diet .in skincare, we do not expect to change it completely, rather, we focus on making it better than ever by giving it just right nutrition and care, as it deserves & skin is undoubtedly the best friend of a person and plays a major role in building confidence and self-esteem.

Why do we feel the need of using make-up?

The answer to it isn’t too hard to find. we often use make-up for different occasions or simply, just to feel confident in a crowd and to fit in, into the modern society .make-up is something that enhances one’s beauty and confidence and there’s no harm in using it as long as it doesn’t attack at someone’s confidence and make them insecure about their own self .it’s indeed something that makes you feel pretty but it won’t be good if you start feeling bad & less pretty, without it .as it’s said “ everything should be done within a limit “  so, just keep in mind .how much use of chemical products on human skin is actually enough to make them feel pretty, young and attractive?

Well…this can’t be said that we shouldn’t go for cosmetics at all but it would be fine if the products you’re thinking of using on your most delicate skin i.e.face, contain organic ingredients instead of chemicals and fats.

Instead, switch to the vegan cosmetics which are 100% cruelty free .

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But, here’s the catch !


So, isn’t it better to pay more attention to our natural skin rather than spending lots of dollars in a beauty illusion?

Since ancient times, natural ingredients have been used for skincare and haircare .even today, skincare is the next most effective way to get flawless skin after plastic surgery! here I’m listing the 10 most effective skincare brands that are easily available in the market.

  • Cera ve
  • U. beauty
  • Mama earth
  • Rodan+fields
  • Neutrogena
  • The ordinary
  • Cetaphil
  • Lakme
  • Plum
  • Derma and co

Above mentioned  brands are well known for skincare and are highly recommended by dermatologists and also have effective results .

What age should we start skincare?

There’s no fixed age for using skincare products. but, usually, dermatologists suggest using skincare products after the age of 20 .because this is the age when hormones start to change and skin is more likely t0 become extra sensitive to the environment, and literally, there’s no fixed age for skincare as it is a part of the routine.it can’t be done as long as you want and there’s only benefit but no harm in taking care of your skin.

Once, you get used to skincare, you won’t probably look for makeup anymore as your natural skin would be so amazing itself .but do not expect magic that works overnight as it did for cinderella. in real life things take time to show results and consistency is the key! Skincare doesn’t work overnight it takes a minimum of a month or three to show results and for fast results you should never opt for high concentration skin acids or products, they’ll do you no good but more harm. be patient and careful with your skin, stay positive with a healthy diet and light mind .so that your overall health is beautiful just like your skin.

& if you want some, magic potions that work wonders for your skin .stay tuned for the next blog & you surely will love it!

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