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Run Your Own Race: Self-motivation plan

Each one of us is facing problems in life whether it is related to health, finances, family, or friendship. 

We have many in our life that always try to pull us down, and it hurts when such people are a part of our life.

It is important that one should motivate themselves which would definitely help in conquering all. Somehow we all want to live a peaceful life but there is no peace in human life. 

I’m uncommon and bold and people in my family, one of them is my own father, always try to let me down and compare me with others. Sometimes I feel bad and cry a lot because the way he behaves and the words he says are not what I deserve. And I lose in changing his mindset about me. 

When the family fights with each other, it is only a defeat. That’s why I stopped arguing whether I’m wrong or right. 

To get some peace in life that’s what we can all do, stop indulging ourselves in arguments and fights and focus on ourselves. 

To become successful in life the first step is to cut out or distance toxic individuals in our life. It is hard to maintain distance within the family but if one tries they can.

Secondly, we’ve to find solutions for small problems or obstacles that are coming our way. It is important to set targets that are supposed to be achieved in the spell of time. Setting objectives/goals would definitely help in focusing, whenever we feel that we’re losing focus somewhere or our mind gets diverted towards other things, by reminding those goals we can get our focus back. 

The thing I do to motivate myself is writing about myself and how I am and how much potential I have to do certain things. Do whatever you like, which makes you feel happy.

Stop expecting anything from others, the one who loves you would do anything for you without asking you, like my mother is doing for me and my friends who always motivate me to grow.

Let go of the things which we can’t control, just do those things which you feel are right.

To attain inner peace and freshness we can connect ourselves to divinity, by worshipping your ideals. We can exercise and should meditate to control anger and gain patience which is important for our mental health, and proper diet and 8 hours sleep to keep yourselves physically active and healthy.

Stop worrying about what people would say about your actions or thoughts. We’re not supposed to make others feel happy by doing those things which we don’t want to do, always do things that make you feel happy.

Be nice to those who are nice to you, don’t run behind people who don’t give you importance.

Start prioritizing things and people who are important, there will be many people who do not want to let us be happy. Just look towards your goal and walk straight boldly.

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