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Pakistan looks to extend relations with US – army chief

Pakistan looks to grow its relationship with Washington, armed force boss General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said, a day after Islamabad fought to the US consulate over supposed obstruction in its inner undertakings.

“We share a long history of magnificent and key relationships with the United States, which remains our biggest product market,” Bajwa told a security meeting in Islamabad on Saturday.

Additionally featuring close political and business associations with long-lasting partner China, Bajwa added: “We look to extend and expand our ties with the two nations without affecting our relations with the other.”

The assertion from the military boss comes a day prior to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan faces a no-certainty vote in the parliament.

Khan on Saturday said the transition to eliminate him was an endeavor at a shift in power by the United States.

Khan told a gathering of unfamiliar writers that, “the transition to expel me is (a) outright obstruction in homegrown legislative issues by the United States”.

Khan said on Friday that Islamabad had given a dissent note to the American government office over what he depicted as an unfamiliar trick to remove him from power.

Confronted with a tight no-certainty vote on Sunday that could see Khan removed after rebellions from his decision alliance, he has been charging in his mission to stay in power that an unfamiliar supported intrigue was backing his ouster after he visited Moscow in February. 

US denies looking to eliminate Khan

The US government office in Islamabad didn’t promptly answer a solicitation for input. The White House has rejected that the United States had been trying to eliminate Khan from power.

Khan met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on the day Russian powers attacked adjoining Ukraine.

Bajwa said Pakistan was profoundly worried over the contention in Ukraine, adding his nation additionally appreciated long standing relations with Russia, yet “in spite of real worries by Russia, its animosity against the more modest nations can’t be excused.”

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