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EXPLAINED:Ireland’s population has topped 5 million for the first time since 1851.

New information from the Central Statistics Office shows that Ireland’s populace rose to 5.01million in April of this current year, in contrast with an increase of 55,900 (+1.1%) in the year to April 2020.

The population recorded for the Republic of Ireland during the 1851 statistics amidst the Great Famine which killed millions of people and saw essentially another 1.25 million individuals escape was 5.11 million.

The whole populace on the island in 1851 was 6.6 million, six years after the potato curse showed up on our shores causing mass starvation and displacement. 

As April 2021 sees the populace back up more than 5,000,000, here we separate the CSO’s most recent information. 


IRELAND’S populace rose by 34,000 in the year to April 2021 – an increment of 0.7 percent. 

This was a lower increment on the past year, when it rose by 55,900 individuals or 1.1 percent up to April 2020. 

From April 2020 to April 2021, there were 55,500 births in Ireland, and 32,700 deaths.

This implies that there was a characteristic populace increment of 22,800 individuals in the time span which the CSO said was the least regular increment recorded since populace gauges in 2000.

The number of inhabitants in Ireland is presently at its most noteworthy since 1961, when it hit a low of 2.8 million.

CSO Statistician James Hegarty said: Ireland’s populace was assessed to be 5.01 million in April 2021, which is the first run through the populace has transcended 5,000,000 since the 1851 registration, when the tantamount populace was 5.11 million. 

The hard and fast people on the island of Ireland in 1851 was 6.6 million.

Furthermore, Ireland’s population is currently 2.2 million people higher than the depressed spot of 2.8 million out of 1961.


Approximately 65,200 individuals are assessed to have moved to Ireland during the year up to April of this current year.

Furthermore, CSO details show practically 50% of those were Irish nationals getting back to the State, the best yield recorded throughout the previous 14 years when downturn lingered for Ireland. 

The quantity of migrants recorded as having left Ireland hit 54,000 lower than the migration figure of 65,200. 

These joined streams gave positive net movement: a bigger number of individuals showed up than left – of 11,200 in the year to April, contrasted with 28,900 for the earlier year. 

Movement into Ireland is a factor adding to populace development, Hegarty said. 

Also, more Irish individuals returned to Ireland than the sum who left to live abroad. 

Irish nationals represented 46.3 percent – or about 30,200 – of the 65,200 displaced people, while 22,300 of the 54,000 who left here were Irish nationals.

Hegarty added: 7,000 more Irish individuals got back to live in Ireland than left to live abroad and that is just the third time since 2010 that a greater number of Irish have returned than left.

Likewise, in the year to April 2021, 35,000 non-Irish nationals exhibited live here and 31,200 non-Irish nationals emigrated abroad.

Thus, positive net movement among non-Irish nationals was 3,900 out of 2021, lessening from 28,300 of each 2020.

These inflows brought about the quantity of non-Irish nationals living in Ireland expanding marginally to 645,500 in April 2021 from 644,400 in April 2020, compensating for 12.9 percent of the all out populace.


Be that as it may, the Dublin area saw feeble populace development from April 2020 to that very month in the current year. 

The country’s capital just saw an expansion of 8,300 individuals, bringing the absolute populace of the city to 1.43 million. 

Similarly, the populace had developed by multiple times that sum in a similar time span the earlier year. 

Dublin consequently represents simply under 33% of the populace at 28.5 percent. 

What’s more, specialists figure Dublin could be seeing a rehash of an example in the 2016 registration when around 5,000 a greater number of individuals left the capital than showed up. 

Hegarty said: That might well have been sped up during the pandemic too.


WHILE the populace in the fundamentals has developed by around six percent since 2016, the CSO’s James Hegarty said Covid-19 – which has killed 5,092 individuals in the Republic of Ireland since March 2020 – will affect the most recent figures. 

He said: It ought to be noticed that this covers the year to April 2021. Consequently, the outcomes contained in this delivery mirror a portion of the segment and social effects of Covid-19.

Yet, measurements likewise displayed there was an increment among the populace matured throughout 65 during the time span. 

The populace in this age accomplice developed by 22,000 or 3.1 percent up to April 2021. 

So 742,300 individuals more than 65 now live in Ireland, exactly 112,500 more than back in April 2016. 

The developing maturing profile of the Republic’s populace could proclaim significant ramifications for the wellbeing area soon.


The populace increment will fundamentally affect the government as it is likely that the following Dail will presently have up to 10 extra TDs. 

The Electoral Reform Bill would extend the Dáil to between 166-172 TDs, at the same time, as all things considered, the Census 2022 will see a populace of 5.06 million, 169 TD’s will be the base intrinsically. 

As of now, there are 160 TDs in the Dail.

This denotes the first occasion when the population has transcended 5,000,000 since the 1851 statistics, which was taken against the scenery of the Great Famine. Around then, the complete populace on the island of Ireland was recorded at 6.6 million. 

Concerning an advanced setting, the CSO figures uncover that a little more than 65,000 individuals emigrated to Ireland between April 2020 and April 2021, with 30,200 of those assessed to be returning Irish nationals. This addresses the most elevated number of Irish individuals getting back since 2007. 

The republic’s populace kept waning for a significant part of the twentieth century through displacement to the UK, US and somewhere else, making an immense diaspora.

The total population on the island of eire in 1851 was 6.6 million. Counting the present Northern Ireland populace of 1.89 million, the island currently has 6.9 million people.

The population was estimated at 5.01 million in April, the Central Statistics Office said in Dublin on Tuesday. More Irish nationals got back during the pandemic than in some other year since 2007, representing practically a large portion of the nation’s absolute movement.

Non-Irish nationals represented 12.9% of the absolute populace.

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