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Taliban’s formal press conference and conflict of opinions among the people.

The Taliban made some enormous guarantees during its first press conference since capturing Afghanistan. They said they would secure free media and women’s privileges, yet inside the structure of Islamic law.

A Taliban representative said there would be no reprisal for anybody working for the Afghan government or outsiders, including the U.S. Also, he said women’s privileges would be ensured to a certain degree.

All things considered, this was a work by the Taliban to spread out its arrangements, its arrangements for running Afghanistan. In any case, it was likewise an opportunity to appease worries about assailants retaking power in Afghanistan. Long-lasting Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid tried tending to a significant number of those worries. He said the Taliban needs harmony in Afghanistan, as it will excuse anybody that battled against them. He said on various occasions that the new government will be solid, comprehensive and Islamic. He likewise said have a free media yet that columnists ought not compose whatever conflicts with Islamic qualities.

Women and girls will be permitted to go to class and work, however that would occur inside the structure of Islamic law. Mujahid would not expand on what that structure may mean, however previously, as you probably are aware, the Taliban have bought in to an outrageous translation of Islam.

The entire world is watching the Taliban at the present moment, and it’s to their greatest advantage to do their absolute best. Yet, how about we simply perceive how this shakes out in the following not many weeks or months. You know, we’ve effectively been hearing reports of retribution killings in certain spaces of the country which the Taliban have dominated. Also, you know, Afghans in the worldwide local area recall how fierce, exactly how savage the Taliban were at the point at which they last administered the country during the ’90s. Also, it will take something beyond a public interview to switch that. You know, the way that there are a huge number of Afghans at the airport clamoring to escape the nation is a decent sign of that. Mujahid discussed these people at the airport, and here he is talking through an interpreter.

Afghans in favour vs. in against of the Taliban

When the Taliban emerged in the year 1994 with the ideology of the Islamic rule, people of Afghanistan welcomed it. Because being a Muslim everyone wanted to live a life according to the holy book of Islam the Quran as it is the actual rules according to which all the Muslims are suppose to live.

When the Taliban regime collapsed and the U.S. entered Afghanistan some people got influenced with the western culture, because of the liberal form of government people started practising the western culture and got more liberty to do whatever they wanted to do.

Now again Taliban had conquered the Country after the withdrawal of Military forces by the U.S. and all set to re-establish Sharia law. We got to know from many sources like news channels and social media that women’s liberty would get snatched by the Talibans and they won’t allow them to attain education and the girls after the age of 10 can’t go to schools. But it isn’t true as the Islam gives right to education to the females as well. 

According to the sources, some people of Afghanistan  are absolutely fine with the comeback of Taliban but they are worried just because they don’t have any idea what could be their future? The question arises in their mind that the Taliban will get recognition from all the countries around the world? Will their country grow economically? Or will they have to face more wrath by the situations? 

The Taliban wanted to make people follow the Islamic laws completely on their own. They expect people that being a Muslim one should aware of their duties and the way of life according to the Quran.

After being in the western domination, some Afghans are totally influenced and have adopted the western way of life which isn’t mentioned in the Islamic laws. And they are the people who are not ready to accept the Taliban’s terms and conditions because they became the slaves of western culture. According to them the Taliban’s are cruel and they would do exactly opposite to what they had promised in their press conference. They don’t want Islamic rule to be applied on them. 

Being a Muslim it is compulsory to follow Islamic rules and one has to follow it without telling and following these rules doesn’t belong to Taliban It belongs to the Islam, wearing Hijabs/Burqas doesn’t belong to Talibans one has to wear it because it is mentioned in Islam. 

Being a part of democracy it isn’t easy for anyone to adopt any rigid rules and the people of Afghanistan especially the women who’re against the Taliban are hesitant to re-adopt it. Womens are crying and begging to leave the country as they don’t want to lose their freedom. 

In the press conference the Taliban’s said that they seek no revenge and everyone is forgiven, will honour women rights but within the norms of Islamic law, they want private media to remain independent but the media should not work against national interests and Afghanistan will not allow itself to harbour anyone targeting other nations and will be a narcotics free country.

We can’t say anything because it is just the beginning of the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, after a time we would get to know what will happen, in future. Right now there’s a mere conflict of mindsets within the people, some are fine with what is happening and some are not. 

The government will be announced soon on Friday as per the sources, Abdul Ghani Baradar reached Afghanistan, will become the president of Afghanistan and all issues will be solved hopefully as the spokesperson promised in the press conference.

It would be interesting to see how the Taliban would rule and what turn the destiny of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would take.

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