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Is India losing Freedom of speech and expression?

Freedom of speech and expression is the fourth pillar of democracy in India. This fundamental right states that each and every citizen of this country shall express their thoughts or opinions freely either through their actions, orally and in writing through words or from any other mode as well. 

The political system is an official decision-making process by the government, the decisions could be made regarding economic, legal, cultural, and other social structures.

Whenever the policies are implemented in the country by the government, citizens have the right to share their opinions regarding the policy and can also criticize it through a feedback mechanism.

The government should implement policies for the public according to their need or demand. 

But nowadays we’ve been witnessing how the government has failed in prioritizing its duties.

In this Covid pandemic, instead of developing health infrastructure and focusing on the economy, the central government is giving priority to the elections and the Central Vista project worth Rs 971 crores. And none can’t utter a word against it.

The government has got a weapon against each and every individual who complains about their mistakes, that is filing cases and calling them “Anti National”.

We had witnessed the nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) and National Registers of Citizen(NRC) and saw how many innocents have been killed and how some of them got arrested under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). 

The Pinjra tod activists Devangana Kalita, Natasha Narwal, and Asif Iqbal student of Jamia Millia Islamia were the main ones who were arrested during the protest against CAA and got released on 17th June 2021 after all the judicial proceedings and all the charges were proved wrong.

Protests are the most popular way of criticizing and complaining about any actions of the government and India is the country that has witnessed several movements against every wrong.

Due to the fear of the government and its power people have stopped complaining against them and many are influenced by the central’s ideology and still favor them.

They are simply misusing the laws like Anti-Nationals, UAPA, and the NIA to spread fear among the citizens and benefit the party and its leaders. This fear is making people deprived of their freedom of speech and expression somehow. 

It is quite weird now that people are not getting audacious as it was before.

Does the question arise that if we can’t complain then what could be the solution? To whom we should ask?

The Government needs to understand that in a democracy they should work according to the people of the country as they got elected and came in power only by their support. If the people can make them they can also pull them down.

It is high time to save the country rather than focusing on other things and blaming them should actually work for the country and help by preventing consequences.

If the people don’t provide feedback regarding the actions and policies we would never get to know what is right for us. Everyone knows their best and should be allowed to express their opinions which could build a strong democratic structure.

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