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The Silent God of Norse- Vidar

Vidar is the child of Odin with the giant Gridr. Almost no one is thinking about her, yet her name implies passion for viciousness. 

She likewise includes in the Prose Edda where she helps Thor on his excursion to the place that is known for the goliath Geirrod. She enlightens Thor concerning Geirrod to assist with setting him up for the experience and she likewise gives him her belt of solidarity Megingjord, iron gloves Jarngreipr, and her staff Gridarvol. These later became characteristics of Thor.

Vidar’s name signifies “broadly controlling”, yet this doesn’t appear to be firmly connected with the forces with which he was related. 

He is portrayed as a hero-god and a phenomenal warrior. It is said that lone Thor had more prominent strength than Vidar.

However, in contrast to Thor, who appears to have been very bombastic, Vidar is known as the quiet god. 

This is thought to mirror the association between Vidar and retaliation. It might basically mirror the way that retribution is a loser sort of brutality, or it might explicitly reflect ceremonies related to a vengeance battle. It is felt that customs before this kind of battle may have included leftover quiet, maybe as a type of purging. 

The Vikings accepted that a man outraged reserved the privilege to provoke another man to a duel, called Holmgang. In principle, you could challenge anybody, paying little mind to economic well-being, and it would carry incredible disgrace to deny.

When making contributions to Vidar, the Vikings proposed covering a weapon in cool water or ice. This may again connect with retribution and its possibility of being a virus type of brutality. 

Just like these frigid spots, Vidar was related to the wild. His lobby is depicted as where brushwood develops and the grass is high. He is additionally depicted in one source as being most joyful in nature. 

Yet, Vidar was otherwise called the divine force of the thick shoes. It is said that he was continually adding to his shoes with bits of calfskin. Shoemakers were constantly urged to devote cuts of calfskin left over when making their shoes to Vidar.

Yet, the relationship between Vidar and shoes has little to do with the craft of shoemaking.

Vidar’s relationship with shoes and with retaliation essentially comes from the job it is prophesied that he will play in the Ragnarok end times. 

As indicated by the prediction, a considerable lot of the divine beings will pass on in the incredible fight that follows between the powers of Loki and the monsters and the powers of Odin and the Aesir. 

Odin himself is anticipated to be killed by the strong wolf Fenrir, a child of Loki.

The divine beings so dreaded Fenrir that they deceived him so they could tie him up in a remote location where he could do no damage. They likewise wedged a sword in his mouth, locking it open. 

The occasions paving the way to Ragnarok will permit the incredible and amazing wolf to break his shackles. He will then, at that point, go through the nine universes of the Norse universe, eating up everything before him in his colossal open mouth. 

At long last, Fenrir will eat up Odin himself.

However, Vidar will undoubtedly fight back for the downfall of Odin. His thick shoes, which are sensibly captivated, will permit him to stamp down on the lower jaw of Fenrir. Continuing to hold Fenrir’s mouth open with his dazzling strength, he will drive his front line down Fenrir’s throat and into his heart, killing him.

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