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Goddess of Love & Beauty- Freya

Freya is the Norse goddess of everything ladylike: love, excellence, sex, ripeness, and gold. Notwithstanding, she was likewise now and again connected with war and passing. Her name means “(the) Lady.”

The girl of Njord, the ocean god, and an anonymous mother, Freya was naturally introduced to the Vanir clan of divine beings, however, she later turned into a privileged individual from the Aesir divine beings. Her sibling was Freyr and her significant other Odr, with whom she had two little girls, Hnoss and Gersemi. Her sibling Freyr is related with fine climate and favorable luck, and furthermore said to be a progenitor of Swedish eminence.

In late Old Norse writing, Odr and Odin, the dad of the divine beings, are undoubtedly similar individuals. Numerous hypotheses upheld by scholarly sources would, accordingly, additionally have it that Freya and Frigg, Odin’s significant other, are eventually indistinguishable.

The most widely recognized image related to Freya is the Brisingamen Necklace, a piece of jewelry that shone and sparkled so lovely that Freya was able to go to outrageous lengths to have it.

Legend says that one evening, Freya meandered into the place where there are the Dwarfs. There, she saw four of them making the most excellent, brilliant jewelry. She revealed to them that she would pay them any measure of gold and silver for it. 

Nonetheless, the Dwarfs were not inspired by cash. They revealed to Freya that the lone way they would give her the Brisingamen was on the off chance that she would lay down with every single one of them. Freya detested laying down with the frightful Dwarfs, yet her craving consumed so firmly for the Brisingamen that she consented to their requests. Following four evenings of laying down with everyone, they followed through on their arrangement and offered it to her.

Another image Freya is related to is her brilliant chariot pulled by two blue felines, a blessing from Thor. In some cases, she additionally rode the pig Hildisvini, who was her steadfast partner.

Freya is the Norse goddess of adoration, sex, and fruitfulness. As the goddess of adoration and sex, Freya was pursued by conspicuous Jotnar, the monster divine beings who were continually at battle with the Aesir. The Jotnar needed her hand in marriage. 

It is likewise accepted that Freya was quick to bring the specialty of seidr, a sort of magic working on during the Late Scandinavian Iron Age, to the divine beings. She had the information and influence to control others’ favorable luck and wants.

Another advantage Freya had was that she picked the principal half of the heroes killed fighting to remain in her great beyond domain Folkvang. Odin got the other half in Valhalla, his palatial home.

The likenesses among Freya and Frigg run profoundly. Both were blamed for disloyalty by Loki, the comedian god. In a sonnet in the Poetic Edda, he even blamed Freya for laying down with her sibling. Additionally, rumors from far and wide suggest that Frigg laid down with Odin’s siblings, Vili and Ve. 

The treachery probably occurred when Odin or Odr was away. Odin was known to go all over inside the Nine Worlds of Norse cosmology. Freya is said to have sobbed tears of red gold over her significant other’s nonattendance. Regardless of her unfaithfulness, she looked for him wearing her enchanted padded shroud, which permitted her to cover large distances rapidly noticeable all around.

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