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What is Social Justice and why is it important??

The Government makes certain laws to protect the citizens of the country from any kind of explanation. In simple words social justice means a just and fair relationship between the society and an individual, it refers to the justice of the opportunities, distribution of income and assets, and entitlement in the society. 

According to Article 15(1) of the constitution, the state shall not discriminate against any individual on the grounds of caste, religion, gender, and place of birth. 

Government can ensure social justice by composing, imposing, and endorsing certain laws. 

To efface the differences between working-class and upper classes some laws have been mentioned in the constitution which could help to resolve the issues faced by the working class. 

Private companies and businessmen generally always wanted to make a profit and with the objective of making a profit they might ignore the rights of the workers and don’t pay their wages in time. In the sight of the law, it is illegal to deny or ignore the wages of the workers. The law ensures that the workers get their wages fairly and on time and shouldn’t get unpaid.

It is not easy for workers to get any work and they don’t even have the right to negotiate and are paid fewer wages because they eagerly need it. The employers also take advantage of compulsion and deny fair wages. To deal with this Minimum Wages Act specifies that the wages should not be below a specified minimum. It also protects the interests of all the workers. 

Law also identifies that the safety measures should be adequate in workplaces like emergency exits, proper machinery, and alarm systems in case of any hazard or emergencies. To get fair wages and safe working conditions, the working class can unite themselves by forming groups, unions, or teams which they can use as a combined power.

The Law also ensures that the prices of essential commodities or goods should not be high so that all can afford it and if they don’t have the power to purchase, it makes sure that they get basic requirements free from the government.

Worker’s Worth.

The Working class is also known as the blue-collar workers who are labelled with physical work and less education. They play a crucial role in the development of the country and its economy.

India is the country with the second largest population in the world and more than half of its population comes under the working class.

The main reason foreign companies set themselves in India is for the cheap labour. Just to save the costs and achieve higher profits they pay low salaries and get long hours of work and the additional expenses like accommodation are hardly any.

Laws are required in numerous circumstances whether in the markets, MNC’s or persons. 

The central and state governments play a major role in the legislation of the laws which are required according to the changing conditions, time, and technology and ensures that the rights and interests of all the workers shall be protected every time. Citizens must demand strict and strong laws so that the Right to life is attained for law.

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