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Equality between Men and Women.

Most of the time people talk about women empowerment and feminism, do they actually know what it actually means? 

Feminism talks about giving rights and opportunities to women as men have. It only supports women, if it defines equality the concept could have been termed as humanism. 

Has anyone ever thought why people could see women’s pain and suffering but not men’s? Ever heard about men’s empowerment?

The answer is no! 

Since the birth of a boy, his parents expect that their son will become their support in the future. At a very young age, they are being taught that they have to carry all the responsibilities in the family.

We already know about the problems that women have to face.

Under the spell of feminism nowadays most women think that they would get all the freedom and opportunities by kicking out or suppressing men. But in reality, feminism is about fighting for your own rights as a female rather than ill-treating others and gaining sympathy by playing the victim card.

We all know, the world is a cruel place to live in because people are cruel be it men or women.

During the ancient era, men were considered to be the best for society and managing all the outside work, and women were considered as the best for households and managing family.

In the modern world still, men are granted power and control rather than women. The women who move ahead on the basis of their excellence Patriarchy creates obstructions for them in the society. 

Empowerment is generally associated with women and it means that women should get developed in the field of education, economy, etc. 

But it should be for all. Empowering both men and women is important as it could help society or a country to become more developed.

Men and women both are interdependent on each other and have to move together. Both are not less in any way. 

The vision of equality between both genders has decreased the possibilities for discovery of what really exists within a man and woman. The world gets least interested if everything’s the same. 

Men and women both are equal but different, i.e. both have equal rights and opportunities under the law and are different psychologically and physically.

Both men and women can attain equality if they are able to share power and opportunities for independence and share equal access to education.

We need to promote a humanitarian structure to reduce the violence or inequality against any of the gender. 

Women empowerment is the focus around the world because women mostly suffer due to the situations and are deprived of their rights due to lack of awareness and male domination.  

Under this women should encourage each other for their development in various fields by not pulling down others.

Full participation and partnership of both men and women are necessary to achieve sustainable development goals.

Rather than being into the debates between feminism and masculinism, everyone should believe in equality. Understanding and respecting each other is a much wiser move.

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  1. I am so elated to see your work here salina ! Interesting take on empowerment. Kudos to you.

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