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Macron, Le Pen hammer ‘stunning’ corporate compensation in warmed French election

French President Emmanuel Macron and his extreme right challenger Marine Le Pen have called the compensation bundle of Franco-Italian carmaker Stellantis’ CEO “stunning” with exorbitant chief compensation now an interesting issue in France’s tight-run official political race.

“We’re discussing galactic totals here … we ought to set a limit for these, this could work assuming we act at an European level,” Macron told franceinfo radio on Friday.

Only nine days in front of a spillover that will figure out who will lead the European Union’s second-biggest economy for the following five years, assessments of public sentiment show Macron is just somewhat in front of Le Pen in a challenge that might actually go regardless.

The 2021 pay bundle for Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares amounts to around $20.5 million, in addition to a stock bundle worth some extra $34.6 million and long haul pay of about $27 million.

Le Pen concurs

“Individuals can’t have buying power issues, hardships and nervousness in their lives and see totals like this,” Macron said, adding that if not “society is going to explode”.

Le Pen repeated his remarks.

“Obviously it is stunning. It’s very seriously stunning when a CEO has placed the organization in trouble and gets extensive totals,” she told BFMTV, proposing one method for balancing such compensation was to foster staff shareholdings.

A representative for Stellantis said they don’t remark on government officials’ positions and that the organization would make sense of the compensation bundle in its 2022 compensation report.

A little more than 52% of the organization’s investors decided on Wednesday against the pay bundle in a consultative vote.

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