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Suicide Squad- BIGGEST PLOT HOLES: everything you need to know

What are the most glaring story gaps and puzzles in Suicide Squad? The long-awaited sequel to the 2016 Suicide Squad film has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both fans and reviewers, and is widely regarded as vastly superior to the first film based on Task Force X. Despite this, the plot of the film raises some unanswered problems.

For a variety of reasons, the 2016 Suicide Squad film directed by David Ayer did not garner positive reviews. Conflicts between the director and Warner Bros. resulted in the film’s haphazard nature, which was re-edited into a lighter, more comic film in the manner of the similarly themed Guardians of the Galaxy.

After director David Ayer dropped out of a Suicide Squad sequel, Warner Bros. hired James Gunn (who co-wrote and directed Guardians of the Galaxy). This resulted in The Suicide Squad, a film that defies categorization as a sequel or a reboot but is, by all accounts, a more pleasant effort than the original live-action Suicide Squad film and a considerably more faithful adaptation of the source material.

Suicide Squad took in $25 million on Thursday, $65 million on Friday, and $133 million on Saturday and Sunday. Despite a 67 percent decrease over the second weekend, it would wind up as the summer’s last great hit, grossing $325 million domestically and $745 million internationally (excluding China) on a $175 million budget.

Despite the fact that discussing logic in relation to a film whose protagonists include a man who can pull off his arms like an action figure is a bit ludicrous, The Suicide Squad mostly avoids the logical flaws that hampered the first Suicide Squad’s premise.

 For example, many fans were left perplexed by the first film’s conclusion that the American government, fearful about Superman turning evil and turning against them, decided that their greatest defense would be a gang of prisoners mostly comprised of weapons professionals without abilities.

Despite being a more logical film, The Suicide Squad nevertheless raises several problems that may leave viewers scratching their heads.

How did Corto get contacted by Blackguard?

When nearly the entire army of Corto Maltese awaits Task Force X as they make landfall, the mission to derail Project Starfish appears to go south almost immediately. This is revealed to be the work of Blackguard (Pete Davidson), who leaked information to the army in the hopes of getting away with it. Instead, he was hit in the face with a bullet. While this was a reasonable punishment for a traitor, it was never disclosed how Blackguard learned the details of his forthcoming mission or communicated with the Corto Maltese troops from inside Belle Reve Penitentiary’s highest security area.

How did they plant the bombs?

The Suicide Squad’s first scene describes how they keep the supervillains recruited for Task Force X under control by implanting bombs in their skulls and threatening to murder them if they violate orders. It’s unclear how invulnerable villains like King Shark or Mongal, whose super-dense skin would supposedly be more powerful than any ordinary needle, handle this operation. Because sharks are notorious for getting weird objects caught in their stomachs, it’s plausible that King Shark was duped into eating an explosive device.

From within the maximum-security sector of Belle Reve Penitentiary, contact was made with the Corto Maltese troops.

Bloodsport somehow misses the target?

Bloodsport (Idris Elba) is introduced as a great marksman who never misses his target, similar to Deadshot. Throughout The Suicide Squad, he accomplishes a number of astounding feats, including delivering a compact bullet into the space between the fragments of a fragmented round. Despite this, during the climactic confrontation with Starro The Conqueror, he appears to lose his ability to aim straight, unable to hit the big and highly vulnerable eye of a kaiju-sized starfish with his specialist rifle.

Why was the Peacemaker saved?

In the last scene of The Suicide Squad, the peacemaker (John Cena) is shown to somehow be alive after the event of the movie even after being shot in the neck by Bloodsport and having people collapse on top of him.

In the post-credit scene, it is shown that the peacemaker is being identified by Amanda’s staff, who were mostly being punished for aiding Task Force X.

It is still unclear why they would go out of their way to save him, but we might get an explanation in the upcoming HBO Max peacekeeper series.


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