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Life Is Strange: True Colors Announces Role Partnership

Critical Role, a popular tabletop streaming group, will collaborate with Square Enix on Life is Strange: True Colors, making one of the main characters, Steph Gingrich, a member of the Critical Role community.

This gives fresh meaning to a recent gameplay trailer in which she is seen in the Wavelengths DLC playing a D&D-style tabletop game. Steph will appear in the DLC as a playable character, reprising her role from Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

True Colors will be the third official installment in the Life is Strange franchise, which is known for its story-driven magical realism. The series focuses on slower, dialog-based gameplay in order to enhance each game’s emotive and frequently hard-hitting narrative. While the games all take place in the same universe, each one is a stand-alone plot, allowing the producers to keep things interesting.

Players will explore gorgeous Haven Springs, Colorado as Alex Chen, a young adult with magical empathic powers, and later a disc jockey Steph Gingrich in the Wavelengths DLC.

In a recent gameplay trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors, Alex’s abilities were shown.

A special announcement from the Life is Strange Twitter account offered some more information on Steph’s role in the game. Critical Role Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer reveals in a brief video that Steph Gingrich will be a canonical Critter (a nickname given to Critical Role fans).

He goes on to say that Steph’s record store will be adorned with Critical Role decor and items. In the Wavelengths DLC, players can also use a fictitious dating app that includes mock-up profiles of various Critical Role members.

The devs announced a September 30th release date for Wavelengths in August, which will likely coincide with the end of Alex Chen’s tale for many gamers after the main game’s release on the 10th.

Fans who wish to spend more time with another charismatic, sympathetic protagonist will be delighted by this additional backstory and personality for Steph. Furthermore, Square Enix and developer Deck Nine’s decision to collaborate with Critical Role will likely widen the game’s scope and appeal, potentially swaying Critical Role fans to check out the series.

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While this alliance was most likely formed for cross-promotional objectives, it will undoubtedly contribute to making the Life is Strange universe more realistic and relevant. Because the games are recognized for their pop-culture references and focus on modern lifestyles, a tabletop gaming streaming group would be a natural fit. Critical Role fans will undoubtedly like this adorable link, regardless of how the original game and DLC end out.

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