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Injustice: Biggest Changes From The Games & Comics- Everything you need to know

The animated film Injustice

Injustice deviates from the video games and comic books it is based on in a number of ways.

This is to be expected, as there are certain to be variances when transferring a story from one medium to another, especially given that the comics have been running successfully since their introduction in 2013 and continue to inspire new spinoffs and collections.

Nonetheless, while playing a prominent role in the source material, a surprising number of characters, such as The Flash, are absent from the film’s narrative.

The Injustice Movie Rushes A Story That Deserves A Slow Burn

NetherRealm Studios (publishers of the Mortal Kombat video games) established the world of Injustice as the setting for a fighting game based on DC Comics’ most popular characters.

The Joker puts his idea that “one bad day” may corrupt even the most virtuous of hearts to the test in the first game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, by devising a complex conspiracy that forces Superman to mistakenly kill Lois Lane and destroy Metropolis.

Superman’s steady descent towards fascism is explored in a tie-in comic series by writer Tom Taylor, setting the stage for where the game’s storyline resumes after a five-year gap.

DC's Injustice Writer Opens Up About The Film's Surprising Opening Death  Scene | Cinemablend

While journeys to another parallel Earth to enlist the support of that timeline’s Justice League, the story picks up with the world’s greatest hero heading a military regime that forces peace on the Earth.

The video game Injustice went on to become a blockbuster sensation, inspiring a sequel, Injustice 2.

The comic series collections were New York Times Best Sellers and were lauded for their excellent development of the original game’s environment.

Unfortunately, most of this content was left out of the Injustice animated feature.

The end result is a film that starts with the main notion of Superman becoming insane from power but ends up telling an entirely new story with a very different finish.

New Images Released from the Injustice Movie - IGN

There’s No Kryptonian Super Pill

5-U-93-R | Injustice:Gods Among Us Wiki | Fandom

Under a yellow sun, “The Pill,” also known as 5-U-93-R, was a nanotech medicine that could temporarily grant ordinary humans the strength and durability of a Kryptonian.

The formula was stolen by the Insurgency and utilized to give their own members a fighting chance against Superman and his allies. It was created to empower the forces Superman intended to use to regulate the globe.

This was the in-game explanation for how people without abilities could survive a physical encounter with their more powerful opponents, although the Injustice movie doesn’t expand on this plot point.

Instead, Superman’s dictatorship employs Mister Terrific’s T-spheres to keep a closer eye on the public, and the Amazo robot to serve as a peacekeeper capable of containing any threat.

There Isn’t A Heroic Lex Luthor

Lex-N-Effect: 15 Times Lex Luthor Was A Better Superman | CBR

Lex Luthor and Superman were comrades in the universe of Injustice until Lex, concerned about how far his closest friend was willing to go in his efforts to rescue the world, became Batman’s man inside the Regime.

In the original game, Lex Luthor’s plot was a satirical reflection of the traditional Superman legend, with Luthor finally donning an armored suit to save the world from a more unpredictable Man of Steel.

Despite the fact that the premise revolves around a villainous Superman demanding a heroic Luthor, Lex does not appear in the Injustice animated film, and his role as the Regime technologist is primarily filled by Mister Terrific.

Aquaman, Green Lanterns, Shazam & More Disappear Early In The Movie

Aquaman | Injustice:Gods Among Us Wiki | Fandom

The Injustice comics series spent a lot of time focusing on how diverse groups of heroes who weren’t featured prominently in the original game reacted to Superman’s actions.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two, for example, focused on the Green Lantern Corps’ attempt to rescue Earth before Superman became a galactic menace, while Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three saw John Constantine leading Earth’s magicians against the Man of Steel.

The comics also depicted how Superman appeased Aquaman, who had earlier expressed opposition to Superman imposing his will on world leaders, by transporting Atlantis from the ocean floor to the Sahara Desert.

None of this is represented in the Injustice film, in which Aquaman, along with Shazam (who claims that most of the magical heroes agree with him) and the Green Lanterns, who were returned back to Oa, vanish after resigning from the Justice League.

Black Canary Is Absent

Black Canary (disambiguation) | DC Database | Fandom

While a lot of characters from the video games and books are absent from the Injustice animated film, the absence of Black Canary, her longtime love relationship with Green Arrow, is particularly unexpected.

While Batman was incapacitated in Year Two, Black Canary commanded the Insurgency, hoping to bring Superman down and revenge her boyfriend’s death at the hands of the Man of Steel.

She went on to play a key role in the sequel, Injustice 2 and came the closest to defeating Superman in one-on-one combat than anybody else since a sonic scream does wonders against a man with super-hearing.

Unfortunately, Black Canary is one of several key characters who are absent from the film.

Fortress Of Solitude Battle Ends With Pa Kent & Green Arrow Dying

Justice League: Green Arrow's Plans to Help DC's Heroes Could DOOM Them

The Insurgency’s invasion of the Fortress of Solitude in search of a sample of the 5-U-93-R substance was one of the major turning points in the struggle between the Regime and the Insurgency in the Injustice comics.

Superman killed Green Arrow, believing he had been dispatched to assassinate his parents, whom he had transferred to the Fortress following an earlier abduction attempt.

In the Injustice film, the Insurgency is attempting to obtain a red sun energy weapon that may be used to harm the Man of Steel.

When Batman discovers the Kent family hiding in the Fortress of Solitude, he tries to flee, knowing that Superman will misinterpret his location.

When Superman, the intended target, deflects one of Green Arrow’s projectiles, a brawl breaks out between the two sides, and Pa Kent is shot in the chest.

The death of his human father prompts the Man of Steel to kill Green Arrow right away.

Wonder Woman Turns On Superman In The End

15 Times Wonder Woman Battled Superman | CBR

Many aspects of Injustice’s initial premise were divisive, with some Man of Steel fans refusing to give it a chance because the idea of a wicked Superman runs counter to the character’s core idea of unwavering morality.

The only aspect more contentious than that is Injustice’s portrayal of Wonder Woman, which depicts her as more bloodthirsty and violent than is usual of the Amazon warrior.

It doesn’t help matters that she’s implied to be more interested in having a sexual relationship with Superman than in pushing his newfound principles of forcing peace.

Only Superman Comes To Save The Injustice Earth

After the Caped Crusader acquires the technology to travel between Earths, a parallel Justice League from another Earth comes to the aid of the main world’s version of Batman in the first Injustice game.

Mister Terrific finds the technology to break reality in the animated film Injustice. Terrific, strangely, only summons back an alternate version of Superman to aid in the fight when he goes for help.

This alteration was most likely done to reduce the number of identical individuals battling in the film’s finale, which also sees the Regime and Insurgency forces team together to combat a rogue Amazo robot.

The Lois Lane Of Another Earth Saves The Day

The parallel Superman defeats Regime Superman and imprisons him to await prosecution for his crimes in the original Injustice video game and comics.

The Injustice animated film has a more sad ending, in which a pregnant Lois Lane, who was also transported over from an alternate reality, is transformed into a hero.

Mister Terrific recovers the Lois variant from a reality where her version of Superman died fighting Brainiac as the two Supermen battle.

Superman realizes how far he has strayed as he sees the woman he loves grieving over the man he has become, and the Man of Steel quickly surrenders to the Insurgency.

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