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Hurricane Ida is being tracked by Microsoft Flight Simulator players.

Players of Microsoft Flight Simulator are using the game’s remarkable technology to track Hurricane Ida, which is currently striking Louisiana as a Category 3 storm. Players may watch live weather updates and examine their impact on airways in-game because Microsoft Flight Simulator uses real data for its map.

This isn’t the first hurricane that has been tracked by Microsoft Flight Simulator players. Last year, gamers used the game to fly into Hurricane Laura, and while it’s impossible for the game to precisely mimic the exact look and behaviour of big storms, it does provide a unique experience that no other game can match. Realistically, no plane could ever fly into a cyclone, but Microsoft Flight Simulator gives gamers a unique chance to experience what it’s like without any of the dangers.

TmarTn and Danny Pea are posting photographs and videos from Hurricane Ida, displaying Microsoft Flight Simulator’s impressively realistic graphics. TmarTn’s animation depicts a swath of dark, foreboding clouds hanging over what looks to be Louisiana, accurately predicting the storm’s estimated route through Baton Rouge. Pea even managed to grab a photograph of lightning well above the clouds. Zach Wenzel, a Twitter user, added to the flurry of Microsoft Flight Simulator Hurricane Ida material by releasing a video of their jet flipping sideways after attempting to lift off the ground, demonstrating how tough it is to take off from one of the hurricane’s runways.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an excellent tool for anyone who want to virtually tour the world, especially in the wake of a pandemic that halted domestic and international air traffic. Given that players are constrained to a plane, there are some constraints, but the game’s realism and detail appear to allow for such exploration. Real-life incidents, such as the container ship trapped in the Suez Canal earlier this year, have been modified into Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Yes, Microsoft Flight Simulator’s technology provides for the unique experience of flying through the eye of a storm if desired. Its aesthetics and dynamics allow for a careful examination of natural happenings that might otherwise go unnoticed. That stated, no one should be inspired to try these things in real life, and instead should only view them through the safe confines of a video game.

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