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Everything we know about Minecraft 1.18 till now

Minecraft 1.17 had released sometime earlier this year, bringing about a lot of changes such as new mobs, new blocks, and even new item mechanics.

Previously added features from 1.17

It has even added new naturally generated structures known as the Amethyst clusters.

Blocks such as Amethyst buds, cluster inside a pot of the new calcite and smooth basalt blocks. They have also added moss blocks which can currently only be found in shipwrecks and is not naturally generated. These moss blocks can be boned meal-ed and produce new items such as -Azaleas, azalea leaves, and moss carpets.

New textures for all the ores as well as a new ore known as – copper, can also be found which when formed into a block by using 9 ingots will craft into a copper block. Copper blocks can oxidize and turn turquoise green over time, which is a great way to keep track of how long your world has been there.

Honeycombs can now be used to wax the copper blocks to make them remain in the state you waxed them in. they can also be crafted into a lightning rod which attracts lighting in a 32 block radius.

Candles have been added in Minecraft Java, which is similar to the mechanics of Sea pickles and comes with 16 dye types. They can also be placed on cakes.

Cave vines, with a light level of 14 drop glow berries now.

Deepslate as well as its variates have also been added and can be turned into – cobbled deep slate slab, stairs, wall, polished deep slate, slab, stairs, walls, deep slate bricks, slabs, walls, stairs, deep slate tiles, tile slabs, tile stairs, tiled walls, and chiseled deep slate.

Drip leaves, that grow from the ground, allow an entity to stay on it for 1.5 seconds before dropping down and come in two sizes, small and big. Dripstone blocks and dripstones are cave-added blocks that can cause harm.

The new voted “glow squid” drop a glowing ink sack that can be used to craft – glowing signs and glowing item frames.

Powdered snow, is a variant of snow that sinks the entities that walk into them. They can only be walked over using leather boots. Tinted glass now allows you to see through it, but blocks light like an opaque object.

Three new mobs can be found and obtained in creative mode – axolotl, goat, and the previously mentioned glow squid. Spyglasses can be used to zoom in and can be crafted with two copper ingots and an amethyst shard.

Updates in 1.18

In 1.18, unlike 1.17’s previous promise, caves and cliffs will now be able to generate with all the previously mentioned blocks and entities.

The biggest thing coming to 1.18 is the cave update which generates deep intricate cave patterns, mountains will also be able to generate better and bigger than ever with the increased build limit as well as the below build limit to +65 and -65.

Gigantic chambers, as well as inner waterways, will generate naturally with dripstones. the mountains mentioned in 1.18 can also be obtained with the bedrock beta version in 1.17.

In 1.17 the goats are in the mountain biome and will be living high in the mountains. The 1.18 a goat horn can be dropped but its use has not been mentioned yet.

The warden, a brand-new mob, is the most awaited mob. A new mini-boss-type mob that senses through sound and has an insane damage rate.

Skulk sensors were added in 1.17 but only in the /give command. It’s a new Redstone-based motion sensor block and is tied to the warden. It is immune to wool and will not produce or sense any sound when covered with wool.

The bundle is also hidden behind the /give command, crafted with rabbit hide, it is a carriable in your inventory and can hold items.

The spore blossom can be found in the creative inventory, it is a sealing flower and gives off spores, found in the lush caves. Although we do not know anything else about it, or what it can be used to craft something with.

New dripstone caves as well as the “deep dark” is tied to the warden and is somewhat of a new biome found deep inside the caves.

1.17 achievements list

Whatever Floats Your Goat! Float in a boat with a Goat
Wax onApply Honeycomb to a Copper block
Wax off Scrape wax off a Copper block
The Cutest PredatorCatch an Axolotl in a Bucket
The Healing Power of Friendship!Team up with an Axolotl and win a fight
Glow and Behold Make a Sign glow
Light as a Rabbit Walk on Powder Snow with Leather Boots
Surge Protector!Have a lightning strike a Lightning Rod near a Villager without setting the area on fire
Is It a Bird? Look at a Parrot through a Spyglass
Is It a Balloon? Look at a Ghast through a Spyglass
Is It a Plane? Look at the Ender Dragon through a Spyglass

1.17 advancements list

Wax on wax off  Apply and remove Wax from all the Copper Blocks
Float Your GoatGet in a boat and float with a Goat
The Healing Power of FriendshipTeam up with an Axolotl and win a fight

New achievments and advancements?

The new advancements in 1.17 such as putting a goat in a boat, using the spyglass to zoom into other entities and mobs, etc will be transferring on to 1.18, as of now, pt.2 of the cave and cliffs achievements or advancements list has not been released and will be discovered by the players.

Will ore generation change?

The major thing fans of this excellent game have been worried about is the new world generation. With the new world height and depth not included in the game yet, important ores such as Diamonds have bugged in 1.17 but with the new 1.18 it is said to fix the bug issue and diamonds will spawn normally below and around y15.

Realms for Bedrock and Xbox

Just like previous Realm updates for previous versions of Minecraft bedrock and Xbox realms, server owners logging in with the new version will update the world. If the world was previously 1.17 or any other update, chunks visited or interacted by players will remain the same as to not glitch the player’s world. the surrounding untouched chunks in the world will immediately change to the new system. However, world height and depth will change for all chunks.

1.18 does not have an official release date and has only been said to release during the “holiday season” so we may be seeing it come during Christmas time, or early in 2022.

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