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Eternals spoilers: everything you need to know from leaks to theories


Marvel fans have been waiting forever for the release of Marvel’s Eternals. One Marvel fan on Reddit claims to have already seen it, and they’ve spilled the beans on what they saw, including a comprehensive description of the plot as well as post-credits scenes that set the stage for future Marvel films.

The moderators of r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers published a storyline summary of Eternals, the long-awaited science-fiction Marvel film directed by ChloĆ© Zhao (currently up for an Oscar for her picture Nomadland). The data originates from an unnamed source, but the moderators believe it offers “undeniable evidence of true information.”

The moderators of the site state at the top of the post, “After multiple dives into this source’s credentials, we have established that is a legitimate plot leak for November’s Eternals.”

The source also claims to have viewed an early cut of the film, which includes “unfinished FX, temporary music tracks, and presumably sections that will not make the theatrical version.” In summary, these moderators believe the report, but caution that it may not be the final cut of the film. It’s up to you whether you follow their lead, but it’s worth noting that these details, if genuine, are quite telling for the November 5, 2021 release.

The explanation jumps around the time a lot but the opening title card explaining the deviants and the Eternals tells us that the deviants were created by Celestials to hunt down the predators who prey on the intelligent life living on evolving worlds, but instead the deviants start hunting down the life itself. This leads to the creation of the Eternals.

The scene then goes back to about 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia where a man and his son are seen fishing on some rocks when the Deviants attack them.

This causes the Eternals to show up and kill the Deviants.

Currently, in the present day, two teachers Sersi and Dane Whitman are teaching in the Uk and Dating. A large earthquake strikes during the class season and Sersi is seen saving the children by turning the objects around and under them into the sand.

Later on in the scene after the class, Sersi, Dane, and Sprite are seen being attacked by a Deviant while out on a date.

During the battle, Ikaris appears and they fight it off, despite the fact that they thought all of the Deviants had been slain and that the Deviant, unlike others, was able to repair its wounds.

Because Ajak was the group’s leader, the group decided to pay her a visit. They uncover her dead body after arriving at the ranch where she is now residing in the Midwest. They decide to call up the rest of the Eternals to deal with the Deviants when a small golden device leaves Ajak’s body and enters Sersi (this is how she communicated with the Celestials).

Marvel's Eternals Movie Villains: The Deviants Explained - IGN

Thena and Gilgamesh are in Australia (I believe) because of a memory problem that caused her to attack the other Eternals at random. Although Gilgamesh is clearly in love with Thena, the connection is not depicted as a romantic one.

Phastos and his wife live with their child, and he agrees to help since he has fully accepted humanity and wishes to defend his family.

Makkari has spent the entire time on the Eternals ship, and Kingo, a Bollywood actor, joins the group along with his valet, who tries to film everything.

Druig has taken up residence in the rainforest, where he is in charge of a small village of people after losing trust in humanity and wishing to exert control over them in order to prevent wars, famines, and other calamities. Gilgamesh is killed in the forest while fighting the Deviants.

Sersi discovers that both races were created by the Celestials, and that the Eternals are essentially advanced robots. They plant a Celestial “egg” on nascent planets that takes millennia to grow. The Celestials’ development is fueled by the evolution of intelligent life on these worlds, therefore the Eternals are dispatched to preserve the emerging life forms while killing the Deviants. The Eternals are “rebooted” and transported to another world after the emergence (this is the reason of Thena’s memory loss, as she knows the planet is doomed) – this cycle has continued for millions of years. Tiamut is about to arise once Earth has been fertilized and the entire planet, as well as all life on it, will be destroyed once it is woken.

They argue what they should do, and some decide to try to stop the emergence. Ikaris disagrees, and while Sprite and Kingo support him, Kingo agrees to assist. Phastos creates a gadget (Uni-Mind) that allows Druig to channel all of the Eternals’ energy in order to control Tiamut and put him back to slumber. Sersi discovers that Ikaris was aware of the Celestials’ true intentions, which is why he abandoned the group hundreds of years ago. He assassinated Ajak because she had chosen to assist stop the emergence and save the planet.

Ikaris and Sprite try to stop the group from attempting to utilise the device where Tiamut is. Sersi then uses the device to amp up her strength and transform Tiamut into stone, just as his hand and a portion of his head emerge from the Indian Ocean. Ikaris takes off into space, and Sersi uses the last of her power to turn Sprite into a real human. After a few days, Thena, Makkari, and Druig board the ship in search of more Eternals in order to break the cycle of destruction. Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos remain on Earth until Arishem pulls them into space and they vanish.


Celestials have already been introduced in the MCU, in the form of Star Lord’s father, who was a celestial making Star-lord half celestial.

Eternals have human-like features and are essentially eternal in the sense that they do not get sick and are impervious to toxins that would kill a normal person. They have very tough bodies that are practically impossible to destroy. Depending on the Eternal, they have the powers of flying, telekinesis, super strength, mind reading, force field generation, and more. They may also enter a hive-mind state with one another, combining their powers into an amplified creature known as the Uni-Mind.

The Eternals are frequently shown as fighting the Deviants in order to protect humanity. Some even settled in Ancient Greece’s highlands and created the Eternals city of Olympia, which became the real-life foundation for the Greek pantheon.

Deviants, on the other hand, got the short end of the experiment stick and are physically deformed and have fewer abilities than Eternals. Thanos was a Deviant in the comics, and while his origins have yet to be revealed in the movies, his existence in the MCU might be used as a later example of their presence.

Also, according to comic legend, the Eternals’ and Deviants’ experimentation flowed into the human population, resulting in a sequence of human mutations that give mutant characters like the X-Men their abilities. As a result, the Eternals’ appearance in the MCU could serve as a backdoor approach for Marvel Studios to introduce the X-Men and other mutant superheroes, now that Disney owns the mutant properties previously controlled by 20th Century Fox.


One is said to be about Dane Whitman, the Marvel superhero known as Black Knight in the comics. Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, is at the center of a post-credits scene in which he discovers an antique sword and hears terrible warnings not to take up the blade.

The Black Knight’s powers stem from a supernatural sword known as the “Ebony Blade,” which offers its wielders powers but also curses them, as created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema in The Avengers #47.

In the comics, Dane is able to temporarily lift the curse with the help of Doctor Strange. Fun fact: For the 2016 film Doctor Strange, a prop of the Ebony Blade was made as an Easter egg. However, before filming began, the sequence was cut from the script.

The Black Knight has been a part of teams such as the Avengers and the Defenders, despite being a minor character outside of comic books. Despite the fact that Dane does not become Black Knight in the film, it is effectively his genesis tale, with the Ebony Blade in his possession revealed in the post-credits. Who is the voice ordering him not to pick it up, though?

Starfox is a member of the Eternals race and a superhero from the Marvel Universe’s cosmic side. While Starfox appears to be more human (as do other Eternals), Thanos was born with Deviant genes, giving him a monstrous appearance. Jim Starlin, who also invented Thanos, developed Starfox, which originally appeared in Iron Man #55 in 1973.

But the thing is-  he’s a bit creepy. Starfox was accused of utilizing his ability to manipulate people’s emotions to attract a married woman. This resulted in a convoluted courtroom plot in Dan Slott’s She-Hulk, in which the title character served as Starfox’s lawyer. While Starfox was found not guilty (due to fake memories implanted by his brother, Thanos), this does not erase Starfox’s reputation as “a hero who is not above taking compensation for the services he delivers,” as Thanos claims.

What the MCU has in store for a character like Starfox will be fascinating to see. Will the MCU scrub the character’s image, or will Starfox allow the MCU to delve into the challenging but thematically relevant territory? Marvel’s storylines, according to Stan Lee, are supposed to reflect the world outside our window. That could be truer than ever in 2021.


These post-credits scenes are undoubtedly thrilling for Marvel fans, and they set up a slew of potential scenarios for the future. But, shockingly, they’re minor spoilers in comparison to some of the other information in the Eternals leak. Check out the complete Reddit analysis for those who really want to know, but do so at your own risk. If the rumors are true, the most shocking Eternals turns will be available to read online.

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