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Eternals final trailer: Everything you need to know

The final Eternals trailer has been published, and it finally answers the most burning question: why didn’t the eternal creatures join the Avengers in their battle against Thanos? The trailer begins with Ajak (Salma Hayek) informing Richard Madden’s Ikaris about the emergence of Deviants, called mankind’s oldest enemy. She goes on to say that they only have seven days to save the Earth from them.

Ikaris embarks on a trip to reassemble the Eternals in order to combat the threat that awaits them. The trailer previews each Eternal superhero’s superpower as well as a scene from the film’s dramatic showdown.

Richard Madden plays Ikaris, Gemma Chan plays Sersi, Kumail Nanjiani plays Kingo, Lauren Ridloff plays Makkari, Brian Tyree Henry plays Phastos, Salma Hayek plays Ajak, Lia McHugh plays Sprite, Don Lee plays Gilgamesh, Barry Keoghan plays Druig, and Angelina Jolie plays Thena in the film Eternals. Dane Whitman is played by Kit Harington.

Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao is in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe feature. Chloé stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “I felt quite lucky. I feel like I joined the MCU right as a fantastic story was coming to a close, so we’re on the verge of something big. There is a strong drive to discover new things.”

The Trailer

The opening is beautiful scenery with Salma Hayek (who plays Ajak) riding a horse on an open field towards a singular house out in the open, which can be taken as a metaphor for how the Eternals have been set aside from all of humanity all these years.

It then continues on with the recap of Thanos erasing half of the universe five years ago and how the people of this planet joined to bring everyone back in the snap of a finger.

The sudden return of the population has somehow provided the necessary energy required for the “Emergence” to begin and they now have seven days. We are then showcased with a beautiful amalgamation of scenes and colors portraying to us the start of a war against humanities with the help of a comic-like entity shooting across the galaxy and landing on to the earth, destroying the nearby natural state of the planet.

The Eternals had come to earth 7000 years ago to protect humans from deviants who were basically world-devouring creatures attacking everything and anything. The Eternals were sent here to kill them and then had decided to stay back on the planet because they had fallen in love with it. But as centuries passed on, all of them went on to their separate ways to live and hadn’t contacted one another for many centuries. Now more than ever, they need to team up once again to fight their mortal enemies as well as find the other Eternals.

However, we do not see Ajak in any other scene in the movie, set in the present day. We see her in only flashbacks of their time on earth, which may have given off a part of the movie of her being killed somewhere along the way. This could mean that Ikaris kills her, as we see him at her house again shooting rays out of his eyes.

In the above picture, we also see all the Eternals in their original ship surrounding what seems to be a holographic image of a celestial being. We also power orbs flow into their bodies. This could be the celestial giving them their task of protecting earth or them rejuvenating their powers once more.

In an earlier interview with the writers, it was mentioned that the Eternals were created and not born, they were highly intelligent AI’s but not fully robot either and had emotions and feelings.

We also see a scene where they are seen flying past our sun which doesn’t melt their ship, showing how strong they really are and how advance they are as well.

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The trailer also goes on to explain why and how they were not involved in any of the wars taking place on earth, especially the great long wars with Thanos that had resulted in this catastrophe they were in right now.

the explanation, although lacking, was that they were simply told not to interfere in any human matter not involving their sword enemies. We also get a shot of an ancient invasion where fires are roaring and many people are being killed. The shot then switches to the back of an Eternal looking over all the destruction, showing us that they could not do anything about it. This destruction is then followed by a blast showing more destruction.

This is where the beings who created both the Eternals and deviants enter – The Celestials.

Ikaris then goes on to, what seems to be directed at Sersi, say that they have to find the rest of the Eternals. Sersi then replies by saying that she hasn’t seen them in centuries. The trailer then goes on to a montage of finding the other Eternals in the given amount of days.

The scene first cuts to Druig, who has the powers of mind control. He has taken control of a bunch of people who are the locals there. This is represented by the people all standing around and wearing the same clothes.

He has been doing this in hopes that he could control everyone and end human wars once and for all, but this seems to be going all wrong.

The next is Sprite, and then we get a shot of Thena hitting Gilgamesh who blocks it with his energy powers.

We are also introduced to Kingo who now is a huge Bollywood actor, and apparently has a crew filming him all the time which can be seen in the other trailers as a man with a small camera as well as other crew members occasionally. During some scenes, a few crew members are seen, which many fans thought were mistakes on Marvel’s part.

In the coming scene, we also see a volcano erupting which could be used as a set piece in the movie or potentially hold great responsibility in the movie.

Played by Brian Tyree Henry also joins them. We see him bring their ship back online, which may showcase how he may be the inventor of the group as well as the Pilot.

We not only see all the gloom humanity has gone through with the Eternals standing behind the wings, but we also see scenes of happiness and fun like the scene where Sprite is seen creating sparkles to make everyone happy.

In scenes of London with a bus about to crush Dane, we see Sersi turning the bus into Rose petals which hints at their previous relationship but this was previously backed with a scene of Ikaris which tells us about a possible love triangle.

On top of this, we also get many amazing scenes of them fighting the Deviants and protecting the earth as well as a look at the main Deviant who tells Thena that she can’t protect any of them.

Showcasing their amazing powers on the way, the Eternals trailer has provided us with a lot of anticipation and hope for the movie coming out on the 5th of November, 2021.

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