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Dead Space Remake Dev Explains changes in the Original Story: Everything you need to know

According to Motive Studios during a broadcast, the in-development Dead Space remake would contain a number of story improvements to assist improve the experience. EA has stated that the new edition of the game would have a variety of tweaks and modifications, with the goal of improving on the original Dead Space rather than significantly changing the gameplay and presentation. Because the first installment of the series was released in 2008, this was necessary.

For the first time, gameplay from the remake was shown during the same webcast. The combat in the Dead Space remake will be more detailed, but the essential mechanics will be mostly the same. Players will be encouraged to employ a variety of weaponry to deal with each situation. Certain guns will be stronger at dismembering adversaries, while others will be better at weakening opponents and exposing them to additional damage, as is customary in the franchise. This, according to Motive Studios, will push players to be more careful in fighting, which was also the goal of Visceral Games, the creators of the original Dead Space.

During a Tuesday Twitch stream, Dead Space remake creator Motive Studios discussed some of the story changes coming to the remake of the original game. The company is hoping to improve the experience with a variety of changes, according to the video (via GameSpot). The team plans to develop the tale to incorporate more components, such as the history of Isaac and his fiancée, Nicole, before the events of the title, according to Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola. Furthermore, Isaac in the Dead Space remake will be voiced and interact with other characters more regularly, while he will still have no conversation during isolated gameplay sequences.

Motive Studio revealed the return of the original trilogy’s voice actor alongside the news that Dead Space will have additional speech. Isaac Clarke was voiced by Gunner Wright in all three core Dead Space games, albeit his role was mostly limited to grunts, screams, and other non-verbal noises. The positive response to Wright from the series’ fans was cited as a reason in Motive Studios’ decision to invite him back for the remake.

Motive Studios and EA are adopting a refreshingly candid approach with the series’ return, as evidenced by today’s live webcast, which delved into extensive information about the perhaps 2022-bound Dead Space remake. While there appear to be a lot of updates coming to the game, they are mostly minor tweaks that will hopefully improve the overall experience while staying true to the original tone and ambiance.

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