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CSGO’s Map Dust 2 Gets Major Changes In Riptide Update: Everything You Need To Know

Fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have seen the end of an era, as the game’s most recent big update, which includes a redesign of Counter-most Strike’s renowned level, Dust 2, has arrived. Operation Riptide, CS:11th GO’s Operation, went live Tuesday night, bringing some of the most significant changes to Valve’s popular multiplayer first-person shooter in years.

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Dust 2 has appeared in every Counter-Strike game to date, and it continues to garner excellent feedback from competitive players and mapmakers alike, who see it as the most popular and prototypical map in the game.

Based on its symmetrical design and two points, the map was created with the goal of simplicity and balance and has only received modest tweaks and enhancements in the past, including readability, graphics, and mobility upgrades, following CS: graphical GO’s updates.

Professional players and community members have already expressed their displeasure with Valve for eliminating the map from competitive events.

CS: devs’ GO’s shared a quick sample of some of the changes coming to Dust 2 in the latest Riptide update through their official Twitter account.

C4 Damage Map - DUST 2 & Mirage | Map, Mirage, Go wallpaper

The old sightline from T spawn to mid from the attacker’s side has been replaced with a complete wall, which is one of the most significant alterations that will have a significant impact on the map.

This ensures that defenders will no longer be spawn killed at the start of rounds and that attackers will be unable to see the double doors from spawn.

Over the years, the mid corridor on Dust 2 has become famed for allowing both teams to obtain early kills and deliver massive amounts of damage.

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Most notably, attackers could utilize the AWP sniper rifle from the vantage point to pick off defenders, forcing them to purchase smoke grenades in order to travel to the other side of the battlefield safely. Aside from the primary update, Dust 2 now has a better B back site view, allowing attackers to see defenders at the back of B site from the upper tunnels.

CS: GO is one of the most popular competitive games in the world, with a thriving esports industry. Despite the fact that the game is almost a decade old, Valve is constantly updating it.

Operation Shattered Web, the game’s first major update of 2019, brought new character models and a battle pass system in the form of purchasable DLC, similar to Fortnite.

These Operations were launched over the course of two years, with the most recent one, Operation Riptide, being Valves’ most significant update to date.

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While it’s unclear how the community will react to Dust 2’s major update, the prior reaction prompted Valve to revitalize the map.

Those who are unconvinced by the decision can look forward to a slew of new features in Operation Riptide, including new maps and skins, a revamped mission system, shorter competitive matches, private queues, balance changes, and five new cases and collections to officially kick off another season of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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