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Chris Pratt Is Playing Super Mario: Here’s The Internets Reaction- everything you need to know

The internet can’t handle the news that Chris Pratt has been cast in the role of Super Mario in the upcoming animated feature MARIO.

Nintendo has mostly avoided using their video game characters in television and movies, with the exception of a live-action series.

This changed, however, when Illumination began work on an animated Super Mario film based on Nintendo’s most famous character.

The untitled film’s details have been scant, which is why Nintendo’s announcement of the A-list cast and release date came as a shock.

Super Mario Bros. Animated Pic Cast: Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy & More –  Deadline

Pratt, who plays Mario’s voice, leads the cast of the upcoming film.

Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sebastian Maniscalco, and Charles Martinet will co-star alongside him.

Nintendo also said that the film will be released on December 21, 2022. The announcement as a whole was unexpected, given the lack of information about the film thus far, but one piece of information, in particular, is causing a stir on the internet.

As soon as it was revealed that Pratt will play Mario, Twitter became a jumble of emotions as people reacted to the news.

While some fans praised Pratt, others questioned how he will play Mario and whether he will be able to carry off the character’s primary Italian accent.

The tweets began to pour in, with some condemning the decision and others hailing it as a dream come true. Others, on the other hand, reveled in the opportunity to create humorous jokes and memes from bizarre circumstances.

Take a look at a few of the tweets below:

Many of the tweets were amusing and even artistic, with individuals photoshopping Mario’s cap and mustache onto Pratt and even adding some wild Yoshis.

Others, on the other hand, were more serious, querying why Mario’s original video game voice actor, Martinet, was only granted cameo roles in the film.

While Pratt is most recognized for his live-action roles in films like Guardians of the Galaxy, he has also dabbled in animation.

He is most recognized for his role as Barley Lightfoot in Disney’s Onward and for playing Emmet in The Lego Movie.

Barley Lightfoot | Pixar Wiki | Fandom

However, he did not use any accents or show any noteworthy speech variations for these roles, raising doubts about his ability to imitate Mario’s voice.

Overall, it’s natural that Pratt’s casting as Mario has elicited conflicting emotions.

Many of those who have weighed in on the subject has grown up playing Mario video games and can’t envision Pratt’s voice fitting in with Mario’s persona. However, spectators should keep in mind that the studio is turning a video game into a film, which will inevitably necessitate some significant tweaks and adjustments.

Pratt is a well-known actor in Hollywood, so it’s hardly strange that he’d be the star of an animated picture. Meanwhile, Martinet appears to be on board with the Super Mario film, as he has several surprise cameo appearances in the film.

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