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What is Disruptive Education?

The education system is built on old Victorian rules and norms that have become completely invalid today.

The current generation is way past the old ways of learning and we as humans are always evolving as a society.

Schools have always taught us to cram up facts upon facts in our brain while giving little value to our creative thinking and innovations and have valued tests and the stringent syllabuses over the student’s very mental health.

Parents are forced into believing that test scores are how well their child will do in life and how successful they will become, and have become so anxious about these specific criteria that were not built to accommodate every type of person.

For ages, prominent writers, scientists, and educators themselves have criticized the education system and have pleaded about changing and reforming it to fit into the current world narrative, but a person or institution cannot do this alone, but what it can do Is make a conscious decision to move on from this old norm.

So, what is a school for? If not tests and passing classes? What is a school was a place where creativity was taken higher than anything else,

 what if our syllabus and curriculum bent around the needs of each student that walked through its doors in hopes of joy and learning something that was actually useful and relevant?

Now I’m not saying that we completely ignore facts and science, but what if we went much further ahead of it. Learning skills that will be relevant in life and will help us achieve what we desire most.

The age of technologies has long come, yet we are to see it enter our schools which are supposed to act as the base of society.

An excellent example of that is ‘white hat junior’ that’s not only taking the internet by storm but is actually making parents realize and understand that life as well as education beyond the school is much more different and not the only thing relevant.

It is bringing us to the realization that technology, as well as the use of technology, is very important in our life right now.

 To not only use it as a source of entertainment or to work with it but also to re-purpose it and reutilize it in such a way that it is beneficial to the students.

 every child knows their way around a phone or laptop right now, and the void of that in school is just taking them further away from what they are used to.

Some schools, as well as boards, have seen the positive effects and use of technologies in school with the students and to use that is not only going to be a huge positive change but will create a chain of positive changes that will make the education system better.

And as Albert Einstein has rightfully said ‘’children maybe 20 % of the population but they are 100% of the future’’

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