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With a strange bomb glitch, a player in Breath of the Wild learns to fly: new game news

Link can fly without his paraglider because of a bomb-related issue, which also enables Link’s remote bombs to stick to his hand, according to a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While the Nintendo game is famed for its realistic open world and slick mechanics, it was discovered in March that some of Breath of the Wild’s faults were intentionally included in the game.

With a game as large and complex as Breath of the Wild, some bugs are small while others have a significant impact on the game’s gameplay and mechanics. One of the newly identified bugs, in which one of BOTW’s dragons contorts its body uncomfortably, falls under the first group. Larger, game-breaking flaws, on the other hand, are not rare, as seen by a number of exploits identified that allowed players to beat Breath of the Wild in under an hour.

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LegendofLinkk, a Twitter user, recently shared a video demonstrating a bizarre yet funny malfunction. It entails swiftly switching between Link’s bow and a remote bomb. Jumping and equipping – and removing – the shield in mid-air causes both the bow and the bomb to stick to Link’s hands for whatever reason

. After that, LegendofLinkk aims their bow before canceling the action. Running up to a ledge and attempting to climb it while in this bugged state will force Link to fly. It’s unknown whether departing the flying state will also reset Link’s hands.

The procedure is akin to glitching BOTW’s Master Sword into Bomb Arrows in that it needs a series of relatively intricate steps.

In Breath of the Wild, players have discovered more than one mode of air travel. Normal gameplay unlocks the paraglider, however one player recently discovered a new flying mechanism by exploiting a flaw that swaps the BOTW paraglider for a Cucco bird.

Players can also make use of the game’s physics engine by launching tree trunks and other such objects off cliffs, bringing Link along for the ride.

While the bug itself raises some concerns, it’s even more puzzling how a person could come across it when it necessitates such a lengthy and intricate approach.

Above all, this problem demonstrates how expansive Breath of the Wild can be, and why players continue to spend time exploring new aspects years after the game’s debut.

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