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UNDERTALE – unlike any other game

Undertale is a traditional styled JRPG game done in the artistic style of older video games while combining different eras of the early graphics of video games, it tells and amazing story made by Toby Fox.

One of the main reasons it has become so famous is due to its interactive story telling and plot finding. It has three routes you can go through each one being completely different than the other, with many different ending as well depending on how you switch to go in the game – Neutral, True pacifist and Genocide.

A beautiful mix of comedy and pure art. In short the main plot of the story is that your main character ( Frisk) fell into a pit while trying to hide from a rainstorm and has arrived in a different realm- one inhabited by monsters.

The game now follows Frisk’s adventure as they try to get back home and along they way meets amazing characters and enemy’s.

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The first character we’ll touch upon is Sans, the brother of Papyrus who both live in the town of Snowdin. Full of puns and jokes like using a whoopee cushion as a prop he appears to be very lazy compared to his brother and is often caught sleeping on the job or not doing the work at all. This laziness does have a reason behind it, sans is very intelligent – always quick on puns and he seems to know much more than he lets on. At some point in the game we are given a clue that sans was once a physicist and was able to observe time lines and noticed that there were multiple timelines that kept jumping back and forward due to some unknown anomaly, but eventually coming to an end one by one.

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After realising this sans says – ‘’ you can understand how this feels. Knowing that one day, without any warning… its all going to be reset… it kind of makes it hard to give it my all. Or is that just a poor excuse for being lazy…? Hell if I know’’

Papyrus on the other hand is a noticeable flamboyant individual. He is very charismatic, works hard and has a slightly abrasive personality and keeps referring to himself as the undergrounds ‘’ Royal Guard’’ even though he is still in training.

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Before his training he went to beg the leader of the guards Undyne to let him become one but had a door immediately slam on his face, but he didn’t give up and stayed there the entire night and continued to plead.

With the many monsters that come in-between you and the gate to exist this realm Frisk as a character is exposed to what the underground had become into and why it had become into this place at all. Every single thing you choose in this game has an outcome to the ending. And every ending is as emotional as the other, learning the story and growing with these characters hold a sentimental value to you, it honestly is a game you can keep playing.

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  1. Undertale’s still one of my favorite games in the world… it’s too good to keep down… and the game remembers everything.

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