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Squid Game Was Planned 10+ years before Release- unique premise

The series was in development for almost a decade before it was pitched and realized, according to Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk.

Squid Game debuted on Netflix on September 17th and has since been a huge hit.

The South Korean survival show ( Squid game) follows 456 people who are significantly in debt as they compete in a series of hazardous children’s games in the hopes of winning a large cash reward.

The show swiftly rose to the top of Netflix’s most-watched series in numerous regions and garnered a resoundingly positive response.

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The popularity of Squid Game on Netflix continues to pique the interest of viewers who are intrigued about the show’s success.

The series is a vicious and gruesome survival thriller, which may explain why it has been so successful. However, the show’s underlying themes of economic exploitation and the extent to which people will go to pay off debts and achieve financial stability are loud and clear.

The show is primarily a metaphor for how a capitalist environment fosters excessive competition.

Meanwhile, the show’s superb use of psychological horror and realistic characters make it tough to look away from, in addition to being relevant to today’s world.

However, if the series had been released at a different time, it might not have been as popular.

In an interview with The Korean Times, director Dong-hyuk claimed that the series took over a decade to pitch owing to its idea. Dong-hyuk conceived the idea in 2008 and created the script the following year.

He was afraid to pitch the series despite having the screenplay and concept ready because it was so unconventional.

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The show may be a smash or a flop, and Dong-hyuk had to wait until a period when violent stories were more acceptable in society.

Take a look at what the director of Squid Game has to say:

Making the story into the series was still an adventure, just as it was about a decade ago. I knew that it would be all or nothing; either a masterpiece or a quirky flop. The idea behind this work was very experimental. So I would keep on asking myself if audiences will find it convincing that the characters are risking their lives to play children’s games. After about 12 years, the world has changed into a place where such peculiar, violent survival stories are actually welcomed. The series’ games that participants go crazy over align with people’s desires to hit the jackpot with things like cryptocurrency, real estate and stocks. So many people have been able to empathize with the story.

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In a world where people are preoccupied with reaching the jackpot in some form, Dong-hyuk noted that competing in lethal children’s games isn’t that unusual anymore.

Meanwhile, he nails it when he says that violent stories are becoming increasingly accepted in society.

From Squid Game to The Hunger Games to Divergent, society has demonstrated a strong preference for dystopian novels centered on violence and survival.

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Although Dong-hyuk could not provide an instant explanation for society’s shift in its acceptance of violence, his talk of viewers empathizing with the characters shows that current events and situations may be impacting society’s tastes.

Overall, Dong-patience hyuk’s in waiting for the proper time to pitch Squid Game was admirable.

Dong-hyuk waited not just until society began to demonstrate an interest in violent stories, but also until Netflix was a well-established and massive streaming service capable of distributing the show globally.

Meanwhile, the thought that society isn’t always ready for a new concept is very useful for writers and creators who want to try something new.

Squid Game is an odd notion, but it was created in the midst of even crazier times for people who can relate to the show’s desperation, if not outright despair.

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Squid Game was an experimental show that was skillfully produced at the right time, laying the door for more experimental concepts to be developed in response to changing attitudes and tastes in society.

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