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Often while thinking about mythology people think about Greek or Roman mythology however Norse mythology is as interesting and prominent as people think.

Norse mythology is the religion of the Norse people located mainly in Northern Europe.

Between 750 and 1070 AD, the Vikings had a lot of influence in Europe and more places, where ever they went, they took their beliefs with them, and with that many early myths were formed. This Viking age bought about a lot of change to Nordic countries and this changed the development of nations.

In Norse cosmology, all beings live in Nine Worlds that center around the cosmological tree Yggdrasil. The gods inhabit the realm of Asgard whereas humanity inhabits Midgard, a region in the center of the cosmos. Outside of the gods, humanity, and the jötnar, these Nine Worlds are inhabited by beings, such as elves and dwarfs. Man6 creatures live on Yggdrasil, ratatoskr and Veðrfölnir. Elements of the cosmos are personified, such as the Sun (Sól, a goddess), the Moon (Máni, a god), and Earth (Jörð, a goddess), as well as units of time, such as day (Dagr, a god) and night (Nótt, a jötunn).

Ragnarok the doom of the gods and the humans is the final battle between the Aesir gods and Jotuns (giants and monsters). The battle will take place on the plains called Vigrid. although Ragnarok is the end of the world, it is also the beginning of a new world. And it is said that this new world will be a more loving world than the old one.

Norse mythology is still omnipresent in modern society and its popularity shows no sign of diminishing in the twenty-first century. The deeds and personalities of gods continue to fascinate readers and inspire authors and artists in a wide range of genres and media and can be found in popular literature and movies such as Thor and Loki and many more movies such as Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, etc.

In all Norse mythology has been a huge impact on how we have lived and consumed media and literature, and it’s not going anywhere.


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