Ridiculous Data

More Power to your Coffee!

You Wanna Know About me?

To begin with, I am fun, smart, truthful, and harsh. I play with data and I love the ridiculousness of this world. We live in a bat-shit crazy world. We search for aliens while being unaware of the sea…. sheesh man weird. We live like there is no tomorrow and we quite literally forget death. Anyway, I’m making this as an intention of making it a heaven of unbiased information and data. Doesn’t matter if I hate the vastness of the terrifying sea I will still, truthfully write about it and on a serious note, I’m going to write it in the absolutely informal way possible. Well, most of it. Some data needs to be represented on a holy grail and I get it. The point of keeping it informal is that it is absolutely easy for me to write informally and also no Chad of mine will copy-paste my work. read it here, understand it and write it in your own words. It’s a fantastic thing to do dude!

Also, I am sure you will be having no complaints about us so We are simply keeping a contacts page so that you can tell us what we need to write about. It can be anything and I will make sure I read it, Understand it and write about it, no matter how much my time gets wasted. Just like Jesus, I love you.