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The origin of the TVA: Everything you need to know

Time Variance Authority - Wikipedia

The Time variance authority made its first appearance in Thor issue 371 in 1986 and were created by Walt Simonson Sal Buscema.

The time variance authority is an extremely large bureaucracy that govern countless realities all over the universe and exist and work from a different time zone.

According to them all the members of the authority were born and breed to work as a specific part of a team. This was later found out to be false in the last few Disney Loki episodes.

The new lore bought to light how the TVA workers were not born and breed for the job but in fact taken from their time line as variances.

The TVA has said control over all of the timelines in the multiverses with many people fighting over it and many enemies.

One of the most notable enemies it had was Kang the Conqueror, but with the new advancement of the story line was found out to be the man behind the show. Kang the conqueror made the TVA when he realized that having a singular time line away from all the chaos as well as preventing timelines and clones to be mixed up.

Who Is Kang the Conqueror? | Marvel
Kang the conqueror

Another one of the TVA’s notable enemies is Alioth, who is a purple-ish creature known for destroying everything in its path and erasing it from ever existing. Alioth in the new episodes is also seen to be tamed and used by Kang.

The Time Variance Authority is also going to make its appearance in the new Ant man and the Wasp movie.

What is Alioth? Loki's Time Monster Explained (Powers & Origins)

The Tva also uses a set of very futuristic yet retro looking gadgets-

TemPads: they are probably the most important device in Loki. Armed with a small screen one can use it to travel to whenever and where ever they want with the help of Time doors created by these TemPads, they also monitor any Nexus events that may occur and how much time they have left till a time branch starts to appear.

Just look at those keys.

Miss minutes: Miss minutes is a digital assistance voiced by none other than Tara Strong, she can also be accessed on TemPads and pulls out any file or video you may need in a split second.

Miss Minutes | Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki | Fandom

Pruning Batons: these batons carried around by the TVA on field workers can be used to ”prune” anyone and delete them from existence. With a slick black look and a glowing target light on one end, it is a powerful weapon.

TVA Baton | Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki | Fandom

Reset Charges: this technology is used to wipe out a whole time line as we know it, destroying and deleting everything it touches.

Loki Reset Charges Explained: What Do They Do?

Time Twisters/collars: these gadgets are light and hand held and are worn around the neck of a variant to keep them in place by pulling them back in time to their original place avoiding anything from happening.

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