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The origin of Klyntar: Venom, Spider-man and Hybrid

The start The Marvel universes Klyntar, originally and better known as the Symbiotes, are a species of inorganic extra Terrestrial created from the living abyss at the beginning of the universe buy a deity called Knull who manifested a Sword of living darkness known as they all black from his shadow to kill all other deities.

At this time Knull was also creating other parasites out of the living abyss.

Knull said that he first began experiment with his powers and could do a lot of things.

He also started creating a massive army and established himself as the leader then use them to conquer various planets and devour thousands of civilizations a cross billions of years.

The symbiote who invaded the microverse their existence proved very toxic they also attempted to consume enigma force but were repelled.

In the sixth century Grendell as well as Grendel’s mother arrived on earth and attacked Scandinavia but his connection to the symbiote was destroyed when Grendel was killed by Thor’s divine lightning.

Big Mother (Klyntar) (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom
Grendel’s mother

This destabilized them and started to search for hosts to give the life contextual existence these dark matter goops bonded to their hosts and poison their mind with traits such as nobility and Honour.

Now the symbiote eventually rebelled against Knull and established an apocalyptic cult and worshiped him as he was stuck on a planet.

Ashamed of their origin the symbiotes made up a lie that their species were “naturally benevolent”.

The hive then established a hive mind capable of sensing the “voice” of the cosmos and names them self’s the agents of the cosmos.

symbiote 2 by stalnososkoviy on DeviantArt
The Symbiotes

They needed to find worthy hosts to turn into ultimate noble warriors but they had to be the perfect blend of moral and physical ideals of the symbiosis would corrupt the host and the Klyntar.

As a result of fearing for possibility they started to “cleanse” out the unstable or corrupted Klyntars and cut off their connection to the “voice”

These exiled counterparts continues to go across planets and destroyed them making their hosts do terrifying tasks. They would feed off the adrenaline and other hormones and the hosts would either die during these acts or of exhaustion. And then repeat their process.

Venom Symbiotes, Explained: How Venom Took Over Eddie Brock - Thrillist

A colony of these feral symbiotes also encounter the silver surfer at some point and the planet they had conquered was eaten by Glactus which instilled a huge hatred for the surfer.

Even though these feral beings were cut off from their hive mind and hence unable to access all of their powers, it has been noted that many long living once were able to become more powerful and gain new powers.

This can be seen in Venom and Carnage who were able to feed of negative emotions.

Many such as Venom, Carnage, Toxin and Zzzxx were able to possess appetites for the flesh of other life forms either devouring their own hosts of making them commit cannibalism for them.

ZZZXX Powers, Enemies, History | Marvel

Same feelings and urges as their hosts also made them stronger, as seen in spider man when Eddie Brock was made into a host, Venom and Eddie shared the common feeling of hatred towards Spider Man.

A symbiote can also project their own feelings and emotion into their hosts. As seen in in mac Gargan and Flash Thompson who were very overwhelmed by Venom’s bloodthirst.

Symbiotes can also be seen merging into one other (as seen in the Hybrid Symbiote)

When separated from the hosts, a small trace of the symbiote can also be left in the hosts body known as a “codex” which is very hard to remove as it mixes with the blood of the hosts.

The symbiote can track the hosts with this “codex” and share information with the hive about the hosts because of that small remain. Symbiotes can also absorbed the “codex” of other symbiotes making them very powerful.

During the Secret wars, when many of earths heroes and villains were off fighting, Deadpool had gone looking for alien technology to fix his costume.

He instead found the symbiote captive. Fortunately Deadpool sensed that this species was alive as it covered it whole and returned it to its prison once again only to be found by Spider man.

Did Deadpool Create This Iconic Spider-Man Villain? - IGN
Dead pool wearing the symbiote as a costume

The symbiote bonded with Parker and responded to his thoughts. This new costume had many new features such as storing items without adding bulk to the costume as well as its own way of webbing.

After returning to earth from the war, the costume could not stay away from Peter for too long and often engulfed him at night to go fight crime on its own.

Peter then realizing this went to Reed Richards who isolated this living costume which set into a motion of series causing “venom” to be made.

Eddie Brock - Wikipedia
Eddie Brock as Venom

While in prison for Eddie Brocks crimes he left a small part of him with the other prisoner in the cell – Cletus Kasady, a serial killer. This led to the creation of Carnage.

Because Cletus agreed to bond with the symbiote at a cellular level, it was found to be more powerful and better than with Brock or Peter.

Venom was also then captured by the Life foundation, which was an organization known to make a comfortable living while preparing for a self-convinced nuclear war.

The life foundations clients played a hefty amount in order to produce “super-cops” which would police their new utopia. They extracted the last five of Venoms Seeds and made them into individuals known as – Scream, Riot, Phage, Agony and Lasher.

Agony (Klyntar) (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom

These symbiotes unfortunately did not have the same communication skills as they were under developed.

After many defeats, Scream has a psychotic breakdown as she was schizophrenic and claimed that all the symbiotes were evil.

She was then killed by the sonic blade but they did not realise that the other four were still alive.

Blade Has a Brand New Role in Marvel's Universe | Screen Rant
Sonic blade

Kept inside “the vault” which was a high security prison for the super beings they were freed by the guardsman Scott who decided that they were not evil and did not deserve such a harsh life.

All the symbiotes were very weak and decided to merge together to form a single powerful symbiote. This symbiote then merged with Scott and he began to take revenge on the gangs that had destroyed his neighbourhood, and called himself the “Hybrid”.

Hybrid (Klyntar) (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom

Hybrid, like spider man and the venom symbiote can wall-crawl and web-sling. It could build snares and get bladed weapons. With camouflage abilities such as the capacity to replace the garments of the persons with whom it has mated with.

The Hybrid can also relay signals to allies by detaching a section of itself and changing the shape to form a membrane that allows it to glide through the air.

The Hybrid symbiote, like venom and carnage also has extraordinary strength.

Scott gained a lot of popularity as “Hybrid” but was hunted down and murdered by Eddie Brock whose goal was to eliminate the “evil” symbiotes from earth.

The Hybrid Symbiote was then later separated into the four symbiotes and used by the US government.

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