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Spider-Man’s new magic suit proved Dr. Strange’s Karl Mordo right

Spider-Man has gotten a new magic suit powered by Dr. Strange that has proved Karl Mordo ( Dr strange’s villain) right.

A series of photos have been released for Spider-Man: Now Way Home that has confirmed that Peter Parker is getting a brand-new suit.

The MCU’s phase four has introduced a lot newer concepts and characters, especially after what has happened in the finale of Loki.

Karl Mordo | Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki | Fandom
Karl Mordo

Marvel cinematic universe’s Spider-man made his debut in Captain America: civil war when he got recruited by Iron man and also got his first solo movie – Spider-man: Homecoming.

He has also returned in movies such as Avengers: infinity war and Avengers: end game and finally closed the saga with Spider-man: far from home.

Unfortunately, the plot or any details for Spider-man: no way home have not been released.

As the fans are awaiting teasers from Marvel for the Spider-man: no way home, they have released some images for the official merch that has shown off Spider-mans’s new suit.

With Tony stark gone in the last movie Avengers: end game it looks like Dr. Strange will take his place as his mentor, and has helped him with enchanting the new suit – called the integrated suit.

Spider-Man No Way Home Black Suit First Look and Doctor Strange - Marvel  Phase 4 Easter Eggs - YouTube
The new Suit

While this has given Peter Parker some amazing new abilities that we will learn about it has also proved to Karl Mordo, the villain from Dr. Strange that sorcerers don’t respect magic.

Mordo is a former part of the masters of the mystic arts and a friend of Stephan Strange and has helped him to stop Kaecilius’s plans.

By the end of the movie, Karl became disappointed with magic, with what the Ancient one had taught him, with everything he knew about, and by Strange using his powers to defy the laws of nature while trying to fight Dormammu.

Doctor Strange (2016 film) - Wikipedia

He came to the conclusion that many magic users abused their powers and that many of the things that went wrong in the world were because of them.

He then started to go rogue and went around the world hunting down sorcerers to rip their magic away from them, making his mission to cleanse the world of this kind of sorcerers who didn’t use their magic properly.

Now with Peter Parkers, new magic suits have confirmed his beliefs that Dr. Strange is not respecting the process of using and gaining knowledge of learning to use magic.

Spider-Man 3': Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange to play mentor to Tom  Holland's Peter Parker in upcoming superhero film | English Movie News -  Times of India

Now it all remains in the hands of Peter Parker with how he is going to learn about and use these powers but it could also have terrible consequences.

Overall, the internet cannot wait to see the dynamic between Peter Parker and Dr strange as well as how Parker is dealing with the loss of Iron Man.

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