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Masters of the Universe’s revelation title- revealed a big twist

Contains spoilers for season 1

The first season of Masters of the Universe is based around the plot twit revealed by its title itself.

The main protagonist of the series, Warrior Teela, has the entire plot spin around her revelation that is everyone she has loved had been lying to her.

This surprised fans or the original series who thought that the Netflix revival of this classic fantasy series would center around Adam, Prince of Eternos, and his alter-ego: He-man.

Instead, this series has taken a turn and centered around Teels taking the quest of reassembling the shattered sword of power to save the magical world of Eternia.

In the first episode of the masters of the universe: revelation – “the power of the Greyskull” the opening was in the same fashion as the original Masters of the Universe series, which showcased the sorcerer Skeletor laying blockaded to the mystic castle Grayskull to uncover its secrets and gain the ultimate power.

However, this time Skeletor was successful in infiltrating the castle but doomed the entire universe by trying to claim the powers inside the orb of power by breaking it.

He-Man was able to avert this damage by using this sword of power, shielding it to channel the magic or the orb back into the primordial realms.

Sadly this had cost him his life and he turned back into Prince Adam in front of Teela who had no idea that he was actually He-man.

This set up the title “revelation”. Teela soon learned that her adoptive father (Duncan), Adams’s pet tiger as well as Jester Orko, were all part of Adam’s secret double life as He-man.

But what affected her the most was that even the queen Marlena had known of her son’s alter ego and even though she had figured that out herself.

In the thoughts of thinking that Adam had told everyone but her about this, and making herself feel unworthy of knowing this she renounced her father as well as her knighthood and left the royal palace.

Now Teela as a mercenary found herself leading a party of both heroes and villains to reacquire the two halves of the sword of power so that she could reforge it and restore Eternia’s magic before the world, as well as the whole universe, died with it.

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This now led her to the realms of Subternia and the well of Darkness, which manifested a person’s worst fears and inner demons and made them real.

The ruler of Subternia, Scare Glow said the words “the revelation beckons” before throwing Teela into a pit. Teela found herself facing an illusion of He-Man who taunted her in Prince Adams’s voice saying that he had never trusted her, before taking the form of Teela herself and fighting her.

The illusion Teela spoke of Teela’s fears. This all hinted at Teela’s true destiny, which had been teased ever since the first Masters of the Universe from 1983.

Several episodes have suggested that Teela was the father to become the next sorceress of Castle Grayskull, but this knowledge was hidden from her as it felt like she had enough to worry about growing up.

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