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Kang the Conqueror (2021) #1 (Variant) | Comic Issues | Marvel

Kang the conqueror in the recent months has gained a lot of popularity because he is closely associated with the TVA ( time variance authority) in the new Disney Loki series that just ended last week.

Jonathan majors is cast as the Kang but has only appeared once at the end of the last episode.

Kang first appeared as Ramata in fantastic four issue number 19 in October of 1963, he then made his appearance as Kang in the Avengers issue number 8 in September of 1964.

Fantastic Four (1961) #19 | Comic Issues | Marvel
Fantastic four Issue 19
Avengers (1963) #8 | Comic Issues | Marvel
he Avengers issue 8

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Kang is mostly known for being a villain in fantastic four and the Avengers, although he has crossed paths with almost all the marvel hero’s.

A long lost photo of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee has surfaced - The Beat | Jack  kirby, Kirby, Stan lee
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

His origins begins before he was Kang the Conqueror. As a man named Nathaniel Richards he was a scholar around the 30th or 31st century.

Obsessed with history he ended up recreating Dr. Doom’s time machine and then travelled way back in time in a space ship shaped as a Sphinxs and called himself Pharaoh Rama Tut.

Great Sphinx | Marvel Database | Fandom

He did all this because he wanted to capture a mutant names En Sabah Nur who would eventually become apocalypse as his heir.

But unfortunately, he was not the only one travelling back in time at that moment. The Fantastic four found him and defeated Rama Tut. He hurried away in a space ship but left the Sphinx behind while saying –

“I shall leave my Sphinx behind to mystify mankind for centuries to come!”

In the annual issue number two, doctor doom is sucked up into a UFO, while travelling to Jupiter, by Rama. After they meet Rama thinks they are the same person or that Doctor Doom is his ancestor but is appalled and confused as to how they could exist at the same time.

After this Rama makes an armour based off of Dr. Doom and calls himself the Scarlet Centurion.

Scarlet now puts the main Avengers against an alternate universe Avengers he had found, but being the heroes of the marvel universe, Scarlet is beaten up and sent out of their timeline.

He then gave up on the Scarlet Centurion persona and went back to being called Rama-Tut. He wanted to go back to his own timeline but because of a time storm he overshoots his own ear and ended up in the 40th century.

This century was war-torn apart due to a battle going of barbarians that didn’t understand technology. Kang took this opportunity to reinvent himself and called himself a name we are now very familiar with – Kang The Conqueror.

He uses this planet to expand his empire but leaves it as it was dying, he returns back to the 20th century to take revenge on the Avengers.  

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