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Every Ghost In The Afterlife Trailer Explained in Ghostbusters afterlife: Everything you need to know

What are the monsters seen in this recent teaser? The second complete Ghostbusters: Afterlife video is packed with new villains, ghosts, and ghouls for the title protagonists to take down.

The road to the big screen for Ghostbusters: Afterlife has not been smooth. With its unique combination of sardonic humor and genuinely terrifying horror aspects, the first Ghostbusters, released in 1984, was a major success that won over both reviewers and moviegoers.

The film’s first sequel, Ghostbusters II, was released in 1989 but failed to equal its predecessor’s massive success, paving the way for a lengthy and winding road for any potential third installment.

A reboot of the series in 2016 was met with critical and economic disaster, putting the chance of a return to the original franchise on hold even longer.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife, directed by Jason Reitman, aims to recapture the horror/comedy mix of the original Ghostbusters for a new age, however, the project has been plagued by delays.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife was originally scheduled to be published in July 2020, however, it was moved back to March 2021, June 2021, and now November 2021.

However, among the franchise’s fans, these frequent delays aren’t necessarily caused for fear.

Because the global COVID-19 pandemic has pushed back the release dates of several blockbusters, there’s no reason to believe Ghostbusters: Afterlife is any more troublesome or faulty than James Bond’s No Time to Die, Marvel’s Black Widow, or the equally antiquated horror series Fear Street.

Fans are keen to see some footage from the film as a result of the delays, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s second trailer has been delivered in this regard, featuring a slew of new villains and monsters for viewers to speculate about.

Ghost Werewolf

The ghost werewolf terrorizes a stunned Paul Rudd, appearing momentarily in front of the horrified instructor before blowing up the windows of a school bus in its brief trailer cameo.

The beast appears to be made up of a werewolf’s upper torso with a hazy, ghostly bottom half, based on what viewers can see of it.

Otherwise, the monster’s face seems eerily similar to the werewolf from 2015’s RL Stine adaption Goosebumps, implying that Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be able to deliver the same critically acclaimed mix of PG-rated laughter and scares as the previous nostalgia-based reboot.


The demon that emerges from what appears to be Hell’s bowels is the Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer’s least-visible monster, taking up less than a half-second of screen time.

Viewers can see a withered hand and a floppy head of hair during that time, but beyond that, the appearance of this apparition is a mystery.

While most of the monsters in this teaser aren’t the type to keep younger audiences up at night, this specific demonic being could be proof that the reboot will still have antagonists as truly scary as the original Ghostbusters library ghost.

Diner Zombie

Another 2021 film, Army of the Dead, appeared to have exhausted the various sorts of zombies for audiences to ponder, but Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a touch more constrained when it comes to presenting the shambling undead due to its lack of an R-rating.

The diner zombie, on the other hand, is a creepy creation and one of the few monsters who gets a proper appearance in the Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer, sitting across from a diner proprietor and staring into his coffee as an offscreen character ironically says, “It’s like The Walking Dead out there.” This ghoul resembles the renowned terrifying zombie taxi driver from the original Ghostbusters in terms of appearance.


These little terrors, which first appeared in Ghostbusters comic books, are the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’s poop, according to series canon, though the teaser, fortunately, spares viewers the sight of where they come from.

The Mini-Pufts can be seen frightening Paul Rudd’s hapless hero (a reoccurring theme throughout the action in this trailer) as he goes grocery shopping.

This sequence was initially presented as a single teaser and appears to take place early in Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s action, before all Hell has literally broken loose.

Terror Dogs

Perhaps the most intriguing sight in this trailer for fans of the original Ghostbusters is one that is both out-of-focus and confined to a corner of the screen.

When Paul Rudd is forced to flee a store once more near the end of the trailer, he is pursued by a barely visible monster that series fans will recognize.

The cameo-ing Ghostbusters villain is a Terror Dog, one of the hell hounds that make up the original movie’s main antagonists.


ghostbusters afterlife

Muncher probably doesn’t need any introduction by now, as the blue six-limbed blobby ghost was first revealed to mixed reviews earlier this year.

Muncher’s likeness to Slimer, his strange appearance, and, according to some observers, his standing as a relevant personification of the contemporary cultural moment have all gotten a lot of attention.

As a result, the new trailer’s view of the ghost in motion does not provide much fresh Muncher content.

Fans of the franchise will be excited to see the ghost being arrested (however temporarily) by a new generation of Ghostbusters, and Muncher’s look differs enough from Slimer’s that this Ghostbusters: Afterlife antagonist feels more like an enthusiastic homage than a counterfeit.

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