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CATWOMAN is leading a team of bat-villains turned heroes

DC comics Cat woman has found herself as the leader and caretaker of many of the Batman villains who have became reformed citizens, due to finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.

In the events of Cat woman 2021 annual #1 by Fernando, Juan, Kyle Hotz, and Ram V, the terrifying section of Gotham city’s east side have taken a huge turn.

Massive protests have disrupted the streets and a series of fires have swallowed the entire neighborhood.

In order to fight against this violence by the unruly and young residents, Christopher Nakano, the new Gotham city mayor has authorized the use of a military force known as The Magistrate.

The Magistrate is a faction known most for its brutal and lethal methods in “serving” justice against the criminals all over Gotham.

While avoiding the Magistrate force Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle has returned to her hidden base located somewhere in Alleytowns district. The building houses several runaway children who help her in these vigilante activities and even has Edward Nygma ( The Riddler) as tech support.  

A shapeshifter Basil Karlo A.K.A Clayface has been waiting for Catwoman and her small group of freedom fighters.

In order to gain Selina’s trust, Karlo has assembled a group of Batman villains that have remained inside Gotham city, and has collected them as people who no longer want to fight but instead want to redeem themselves.

Catwoman already has The Riddler in her group but Basil has collected villains such as the Killer Croc, Firefly, and even female fury knockout for their cause.

Catwoman is a solo act, but Karlo assures her that she will be stronger with more allies by her side.

Karlo’s prophecy of doom has come to its ultimate with the climax of the issue where we read how Catwoman and her new members are confronted by the Merciless Fanatic Father Valley.

Crock departs to avoid the forces; Clay takes on the valley but is immediately beaten and the villains wound Catwoman before leaving her to drown in the waters of Gotham’s harbor.

Catwoman’s team contains powerful batman villains but the battle with the father Valley has showcased that the main setback was the ineffective way to act as a team.

The team continues to do well in the new issues of DC’s new Catwoman series and is the only chance for former batman villains to clear their name.

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