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Black Panther 2 set video: everything you need to know

A recently released set video for Black Panther: Wakanda forever hinted at king T’challa (played by Chad Boseman, who had recently passed away in August 2020).

Boseman is considered a hero who has inspired many and has done a lot of charity, and to the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, he will always be remembered as playing the part of Black Panther.

Marvel Studios has confirmed that they will honor his legacy and not recast him.

Black Panther’s photography had started on June 2021, but the first snippet was given in the set video apparently showing Wakanda’s throne room.

Black Panther’s first movie had earned an Oscar for its amazing production design, and we see the same in the set video too.

But this set video has something engraved into its pillars in the Wakanda language.

Thankfully it is possible to translate these words, because, in October 2020, marvel had released an official in-universe book called the Wakanda files.

These were records said to be collected and collated by Shuri and have even foreshadowed WandaVisions Scarlet Witch.

The words, after translation, read:

Rest in power

King T’challa

Our hero

It was an honour

Wakanda forever

These inscriptions indeed tell us that the black panther has passed away and the Wakanda’s are choosing to honour him by making a memorial for their late king.

He is by no doubt the kingdoms most favourite and preferred king as he had isolated the policies of the previous king and exposed his nation to the world as well as establish an allyship with the avengers.

The Wakanda’s have participated in two of the biggest wars against Thanos’s forces, one even happening on their home ground.

With no doubt, Black panther two is going to be a roller coaster ride with emotional and tragic experiences.

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